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  1. 8/20 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Yes unfortunately, as if other sports matter . Baseball is life, and life is baseball. everything else is just worthless.
  2. Daniel Murphy 2018 Outlook

    Take it with a grain of salt because its a rumor from the twittersphere, but people are saying it might be the cubs that claimed him and I don't know if that would be a good fit since they have so many positional players as it is.
  3. Lourdes Gurriel 2018 Outlook

    2 for 6 and homer yesterday. Anyone think he gets activated this week? I'm asking because there is no mention anywhere on twitter or google about his return date to the majors.
  4. 8/19 - GAME DAY THREAD

    You gotta imagine that the nats are gonna consider selling off harper and murphy soon right???
  5. 8/18 - GAME DAY THREAD

    One of those starts where you gotta pretend it never happened based on the opponent.
  6. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    Just based on him missing the last month and a half of the season last year dinged his rankings, because if he finished the year last year healthy he was gonna surpass his 2015 mvp season.
  7. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    Depending on your platform, they rank players strictly base on overall stats from the previous year, he likely be ranked late round 1 again, even though he could likely preform slightly under mike trout.
  8. Lourdes Gurriel 2018 Outlook

    Started a rehab assignment today, looks like we will have him for the playoffs for sure.
  9. 8/18 - GAME DAY THREAD

    He might be able to, the rain is supposed to subside within the hour, unless someone in Philly can give us an update.
  10. Jacob deGrom 2018 Outlook

    A pitcher doesn't have much control as to whether his team scores runs or not, but with ERA is more valuable in terms of how much the pitcher is giving up to other teams. You can dig deeper and use stats like FIP and xFip to really see how effective a starter is. The idea that team defense will make all pitchers better is a flawed argument. Tyler Chatwood leaves Coors field and then proceeds to walk everyone in the park and does not do that well with one of the best infield defenses in the league with the Cubs.
  11. Lourdes Gurriel 2018 Outlook

    Saw an update that they are hoping he begins running this week. Giddy up for him likely being back for fantasy playoffs.
  12. 8/12 - GAME DAY THREAD

    HOLY Crap, what an ending to that game. HEY CHICAGO WHATTA SAY?!?
  13. Lourdes Gurriel 2018 Outlook

    It's better news than him being in a boot and doing nothing. I am being optimistic that we'll likely see him in a week or two. PLEASE!
  14. Ryan Zimmerman 2018 Outlook

    LET THIS MAN PLAY EVERYDAY! He is absolutely crushing the ball lately.
  15. 8/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    You and me both, at least let him get to 75 pitches. He was throwing a perfect game!!!