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  1. He’s pitching this tuesday 4/16. Lined up for a two start week
  2. I didn't mean any offense. This is a little off topic, but I always see on tv or here when people say 'he is underrated' or 'not talked about enough'. His play on the field does the talking, we don't need a lot of people to talk about him to acknowledge that he is good. He's good and he's gonna put up huge numbers this year.
  3. I don't know what that means, should we shower praise on every player just for the hell of it? Everyone knows he is good and there isn't much else to say.
  4. Who would you rather have? Paddack is likely on an innings limit and Chirinos has sp/rp eligibility.
  5. He’s real and he’s spectacular. Bailamossssss let the kiké hernandez take you over, bailamos. Yo tu quero kiké
  6. Who would you rather roster of these two guys?
  7. Cause he had a bunch of walks.... would you rather he swung at pitches out of the zone to go 0-4 just to have official at bats?
  8. The next two weeks they have two interleague series in nl parks. Cruz is my boy, but im counting him out in weekly leagues until after mid -april
  9. Who would you rather have the rest of the season, i need to drop at least one to make room for a fa pitcher
  10. So does kiké have the taoball endorsement??
  11. What position is he gonna play if cano is manning 1st?
  12. He should be pitching closer to 160-170 innings if there are no setbacks in his recovery
  13. Who would you rather have this year??
  14. At first I was gonna say 'it looks exactly as it always has...' but after seeing his two homers on mlb.com again, his swing looked a little more quiet, if that made any sense.
  15. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but honestly Woodruff probably has the best stuff out of the three. Peralta has very little control and has days where he'll walk everyone in the park. Burnes will probably be decent, but Woodruff really seemed to figure things out last year coming out of the pen and he was pretty good in the playoffs (12.1 innings, 3 er, 20/3 k/bb).
  16. Which three of these pitchers would you rather have this year?
  17. I would take it with a grain of salt that he says he is fully healthy, he wouldn’t admit that his body feels like 💩. But i hope you are right, the season is right around the corner and usually they ramp up the players activity, not have them sit three games straight.
  18. Where has he been?? He’s been m.i.a. the last few spring training games...
  19. Picked up domingo santana this week to stream, and dude gets me a grand slam 😎
  20. Looks like both these pitchers are gonna start out in the bp to start the year and gain sp/rp status in yahoo leagues and then eventually move back the starting rotation before the end of the year. So who would you rather stash, Reyes or James?
  21. The first two weeks he might barely be playing as the twins have two inter league series in NL ball parks. Might have to bench him in weekly leagues because of this.
  22. Omar narvaez, cervelli or danny jansen? Which of these three would you rather have?
  23. I don't think the forum servers would be able to handle all the whiny posts from scherzer owner's about how their season and life are now over if that happened.
  24. This is a little word to the wise, and he may well be fine... but going into your drafts, but cautious in taking Harper. Stress fractures are not first detected in initial x-rays. He could have a stress fracture and we won't know about it unless they take an MRI. And before anyone tries to argue with me, 1. I won't respond, and 2. this is just my two cents I'm throwing out there.