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  1. Yahoo! Has him listed as day to day, am I missing something here??
  2. Yeah, but as it stands right now they have two open spots in the rotation right now, Flaherty has to stick for a little bit at least.
  3. 30 homers might be pushing it, but I wouldn't mind it
  4. I was thinking about this earlier about how Cano's injury would effect the team... while it's a big loss, I can see some of the guys stepping up. They have a pretty deep lineup right now, Haniger, Cruz, Segura, Gordon and now the emergence of Healy.. Dang shame that Cano got injured.
  5. Yup. I bought into the notion that he was going to be a breakout pitcher this year and be a borderline number 2. But if you look at his stats from last it seems like the league already started to figure him out in the second half when his whip went up to 1.30 and his ERA went up as well. almost every at bat goes to 3-2 because he nibbles and hitters are not swinging at his curveball anymore.
  6. Left his start with an issue with his throwing hand again...
  7. Dude is probably gonna try to nibble his way through the lineup and give up a lot of walks..... I have little confidence.
  8. Gordon beckham???? I just vomited in my mouth.
  9. Question for people that watch Mets games, how does he look running?
  10. Sure about that? You are just speculating. He is just coming off the DL and showed some rust. Don't make the claim he is injured unless you have some solid evidence of that. As the post said above his velocity was just fine.
  11. Who said it was anything to do with his health? He just was rusty and not efficient.
  12. Is this your un-biased opinion as a Yankee fan? He lacks any kind of control, so that does not really make him a long-term option in the rotation.
  13. Future self answering past self: NO, not quite.
  14. He really wasn't a long-term guy for the rotation anyways. He may only be really valuable out of the bullpen in small spurts.
  15. that's a good question. I've taken note and picked up a few shares. if he just learns to up the walk rate a little bit he is very valuable. I'm guessing he finishes with a .270-ish average and 30 homers. He also is in a deep lineup that despite hitting 7th will get plenty of rbi opportunities.
  16. This, if you have waited this long, don't jump off the train when there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
  17. Giddy up. means more AB's as well. If healthy he can perform like Daniel Murphy with outfield eligibility (18 homers and 90 something rbi's with a high average and obp).
  18. Same here. And the fact that he is RP in my league adds even more value. I know he's only gonna pitch up until July/August, but he is gonna help me push to make the playoffs. People worry about having certain guys for the playoff run, but you have to make the playoffs first.
  19. In OBP leagues he is detrimental to your team.
  20. Here's my take on whether you should start him tomorrow or not....
  21. This is taking a whole lot longer than I anticipated for him to come back. At this rate we won't see him until after June. His absence has shown how valuable he is to the team as their offense has been inconsistent and Harper getting pitched around to. Come back sooooooon please!
  22. I know a lot of people have soured on him, but all his peripheral stats are good and hint towards bad luck. I bet that once Murphy and Eaton come back eventually this offense is gonna be rolling and Zimmerman will get his.
  23. So in other words they were just bs-ing.
  24. This really stinks. He's been terrific this year. I really hope this isn't too serious. Swollen knee sounds kind of bad.
  25. Cora stated after the game last night that he expects Price to rejoin the team after the New York series.... Put on your tin foil hats my friends, we got a conspiracy theory going on here.... Fake moon landings, Roswell and ufos, and David Price having a fake injury just to avoid an opponent that owns him...