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  1. In OBP leagues he is detrimental to your team.
  2. Here's my take on whether you should start him tomorrow or not....
  3. This is taking a whole lot longer than I anticipated for him to come back. At this rate we won't see him until after June. His absence has shown how valuable he is to the team as their offense has been inconsistent and Harper getting pitched around to. Come back sooooooon please!
  4. I know a lot of people have soured on him, but all his peripheral stats are good and hint towards bad luck. I bet that once Murphy and Eaton come back eventually this offense is gonna be rolling and Zimmerman will get his.
  5. So in other words they were just bs-ing.
  6. This really stinks. He's been terrific this year. I really hope this isn't too serious. Swollen knee sounds kind of bad.
  7. Cora stated after the game last night that he expects Price to rejoin the team after the New York series.... Put on your tin foil hats my friends, we got a conspiracy theory going on here.... Fake moon landings, Roswell and ufos, and David Price having a fake injury just to avoid an opponent that owns him...
  8. I think the Reds (much like the Orioles) were looking to add another 5 era+ pitchers who gives up lots of homers.
  9. Because Harper is not gonna hit for that low of average the entire year, Gallo will. You are just either trolling or need your head examined.
  10. Is his bat toast? He hasn't really been driving the ball lately, it seems like everything is on the ground and softly hit.
  11. Make me five. Let's rock fellas.
  12. I was looking at his launch angles on Baseball savant, and his launch angle was lower in 2017 than it was in 2016. How can that be if he was hitting more homers? If there was not an increase in launch angle, was he just barrelling it up more?
  13. And did just that for me. I will never roster this guy on my team again. He can go suck it. ugh.
  14. UGH??!?!?! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? he is on pace for 152 GAMES Do I need to write it in another language for you? Ele vai jogar 152 jogos, ta bom?? entendeu???
  15. He has played just about every game and is on pace for 152 games, where do you get that he is just averages 4 games a week??? You dealing with made up stats in your head. Because a majority of what you said earlier was not true or either does not make sense.
  16. Great start, Tito just kept him in too long for some reason.
  17. Make like Peter Weber III at the PBA Holiday Inn open on the Tenth frame and split because you make little sense per usual.
  18. Other than the SB thing, this is not true.
  19. I read what you wrote, and it isn't true what you wrote. He is playing everyday.
  20. What the H are you talking about? He's starting everyday. Prior to yesterday he was hitting .300. Are we talking about the same player here?
  21. Any thoughts on his match up against the Twins?
  22. Wouldn't humidity be good?? It's the cold, dry weather that cracks skin....