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  1. He's been looking very good so far in Spring Training. Even if he goes to the bullpen, he might be a good stash in case he goes into the rotation with sp/rp eligibility.
  2. Having owned him last year, his drop in power coincided with a quad injury he suffered. I'm staying away from him this year. The last couple of years he's been dinged up at times and father time isn't on his side right now.
  3. He improved his walk rate at least. We could get lucky this year and see his average go up to .260. A stretch, I know, but I still believe he will be a very reliable OF2 or OF3.
  4. I'm not saying 32 is old. I am making the argument that generally other people start to think players are old around 32 years old.
  5. What about Happ just moving to center field?
  6. Did his swing really change? It looks really the same from last year. Someone can tell me I'm wrong.... I want to believe that this guy will have a breakout year.
  7. you haven't??? Usually when a player reaches at least 32 people start the conversation that he is getting old.
  8. You can't be the wrong side of 30 when you are just 30 years old. He did not show any signs that this year could be the start of a decline. I find it a little annoying that people consider 30-35 years old for baseball. Maybe for other sports, but not Baseball. Some players are good until 37-38. I am not looking to draft in the first round because I don't like the idea of drafting a 1st baseman in the first round. I just find it so weird his stock tanked just after the humidor announcement.
  9. which other ones? Unlike other guys that are taken earlier, he likely won't hurt you in batting average and obp and is showing more pop now. I would say he could be valuable in a ten team league mixed league
  10. I think you need to use this gif more for eric hosmer or mitch moreland.
  11. Crazy to want to nab him in the 8th round as a SP2 before anyone else gets him in a 10 team league?
  12. After a breakout season for Yonder, he signed with the Indians.... Seems as though he is likely going un-drafted in many leagues and an after thought for many fantasy owners. Could be a very nice late round pick up for those looking for 25-ish homers at 1st base.
  13. That is so weird. Everyone is overreacting a little bit to the humidor thing. I just noticed that today in mock drafts that he's going late 1st round now. They just are installing a humidor, not adjusting the gravity in that ballpark.
  14. Yup, I had a procedure where they injected my toe with something to numb it, but it felt like my toe was going to explode and they cut my toe in half down the middle. Not fun.
  15. He has to be at this point. I think he's not really gonna development into anything that much better. There were reports they tried to trade him for a 1 year rental for Machado in the off-season.
  16. Yeah, but his offense stinks. Baez is more than adequate replacement defensively and offensively.
  17. Doe anyone think that maybe Russell could become an after thought? Baez has to play because he is one of the best defenders on the team, he could play SS and Happ goes to 2nd.
  18. Very rarely unless someone has a disorder. but most of the time it is just calories in and out. and yes the amount of physical activity is part of it, but not as much as you think. A skinny person actually has a slower metabolism, so it doesn't take much for them to gain some weight. So as you lose weight, you need to continuously eat less to lose weight.
  19. I am not trying to be a pessimist ( I am a life long cubs fan). I really hope he plays well. I am just giving my opinion.
  20. Impossible, that would defy the laws of nature. Law of thermodynamics... see above.
  21. My Personal experience is that I am into bodybuilding and strength training. My year revolves around bulking and cutting. I lose some strength eventually while cutting my calories, maybe I lose 10-15 pounds on some lifts after a few months.
  22. Personal experience and from reading various literature on the subject. Law of thermodynamics, matter is not created or destroyed. There are two ways you can gain lean muscle mass at the same time while losing fat. 1. You are a novice, your body will literally use your fat for fuel to build muscle. Or 2. you are taking anabolic steroids. Schwarber is neither a novice weight lifter, nor a steroid user(knock on wood). When you are a weight lifter or bodybuilder and start to go into a caloric deficit, you will lose fat, water and some lean muscle mass. that's just how it works. He maybe more flexible and agile, but I am willing to bet he lost some of his power. He looked so skinny in that picture.
  23. 2016 harper says hello. He lost quite a bit of weight after his MVP season and his production was lacking and there was talk of a shoulder injury. Harper bulked up for the 2017 and was back to form.
  24. That's not how it works. You get strong through strength training. Eating more protein does not help you. In fact there are studies that extra protein just increases blood sugar level and doesn't equal more lean muscle mass or make you stronger. Kyle schwarber lost a lot of weight. If he lost 20 pounds, not all of that weight is just fat. You lose water weight and some lean muscle mass as well. Those bodybuilders that look huge and vascular, they take steroids in part to make sure the body does not lose lean muscle mass during the phase of their diets called 'cutting'. With all that said, Schwarber looks great, and its probably better for his health. But I think we are gonna see a dip in power this year from him, he lost a drastic amount of weight, if you lose a drastic amount of weight in just four months, you are losing more than just fat (if done naturally, ie. without gear).
  25. I don't know if you workout or not, but when you go on a 'cut' (caloric deficit) you normally lose a little bit of lean muscle mass as well as the fat too.