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  1. https://tenor.com/view/on-fire-walking-gif-5114625 dude is hitting everything lately.
  2. He's already got really big calves, that I do say make me jealous...
  3. Wow, where did you hear this? Is he going to announce that he is going to be transitioning to a woman and his name will be jessie donaldson?
  4. You mean hoskins? and plate appearance only applies to when he played for the bosox
  5. I would re-think that idea, he's likely done for the year. Syndergaard didn't pitch again after suffering his injury.
  6. Wasn't syndergaard out basically the whole year last year with a torn lat?
  7. The Angels should really consider just buying out his contract and Pujols just retiring. He is toast, I don't like seeing the future hof like this.
  8. Didn't know anything about this guy until now. looking at his minor league numbers looks like a classic three true outcomes player. Hit 40 homers one year in double A.
  9. I'm willing to bet dozier finishes with more homers at the end of the year.
  10. Gotta be that it's his first game back after more than a year. He does not play in a vaccum and he had to be a mixture of excited and nervous.
  11. Yup, that's really the only question mark is how are they gonna get Thames in the lineup and will it eat into Aguilar's playing time. If I was the manager I'd sit Santana more often than not to get spell Thames in the OF and Aguilar at 1st. But then there is Ryan Braun as well... So it's still kind of messy. Cream always rises to the top, so if he continues to hit he will not have problems with pt.
  12. He put too many base runners, if it was a better team they would of capitalized on it more. This was a decent start, but nothing to write home about.
  13. I have to post the obligatory al bundy video....
  14. It seems like he’s usually sits either 7 or 8th in most lists that i’ve seen in various websites. This year he’a taken it up a notch and can argue he’s maybe top five the way he is pitching this year. So far its been a two man race for nl cy young between degrom and scherzer. Ron darling predicted before the season started that degrom would win the cy young.
  15. Says that this injury is minor, but we've heard this before... Obviously he doesn't want to miss time because he is playing for a contract next year.
  16. Dang. I gotta say and I've been a fan of Donaldson for a while, he's been quite the disappointment.
  17. It looked like he was running with clenched butt cheeks, hopefully he just had diarrhea and nothing else.
  18. In my opinion yes. The counting stats are rather bare. He's a drop and wait and see if he gets traded to a better team later in the year. I am in a obp and while he gave a boost in obp, there was not much else there and I finally dropped him for Jesus Aguilar.
  19. It could still be just a hot streak, but there are some signs that he is legitimately breaking out. The average is supported by an increase in line drives, but the Babip is a little high and he could see at worst his average dropping to .280. He's definitely a hold and ride the hot streak and see where he goes for the rest of the season.
  20. Yeah, after writing I gave it a second thought and Matheny generally prefers the 'vet' over the young guys, so Flaherty might lose his spot. But then again it might be Weaver and then Wacha and Flaherty stay in the rotation. But just to be safe, drop freeland, you aren't gonna miss him much.