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  1. I'm asking why you care if other people claim he is a jose fernandez like talent? Alex reyes has all the talent to be just as good, if not better.
  2. No one knows for sure. Even before Braun came back Aguilar sat and that guy Choi filled in at 1st for a game. I would bet that his playing time decreases with Thames comes back and they go back into a platoon of sorts.
  3. Why do you care so much that other people think he is a jose fernandez like talent? If you are secure in your opinion of what he is, then don't worry about other people's opinions.
  4. Not really getting ahead of yourself, he is a Jose Fernandez type talent.
  5. He had two good starts this year and had a very mediocre second half, I don't know how you think he can finish as a top 30 starter. He does not have overwhelming stuff. He was fooling people with his curveball, but it seems like the league has caught onto that and stopped whiffing on his curveball, and thus his walks have gone up. His periphals don't show that he has been unlucky, he just plain stinks. If you think a guy that has a 4 era and a 1.30 whip is an sp3, then we have different opinions on what constitutes a sp3. Castillo is a different story, he has electric stuff and has shown to be coming around as of late and the metrics showed that castillo was a little bit unlucky.
  6. I bet he's the kind of guy that will eat a salad and say 'look I'm eating healthy!' but upon further inspection you see that his salad is swimming in ranch dressing.
  7. I think they are just being a little too prideful because they were hyping him up a lot in the pre season and don't want to admit that Godley is garbage. He was a 4 era with a whip around 1.30 in the second half of last year, so this isn't quite a surprise to see how he is performing right now.
  8. I think that is the original plan, for him to return to the majors tomorrow.
  9. Not really. Holding on to him means you are likely passing up better guys on the waiver wire that pop up during the season. He just plain awful. Walks everyone in the walk and teams are not falling for his curveball anymore.
  10. 2nd homer in as many nights. He looks like he will come back and start mashing. Just wish he learned not to eat so freaking much, every time I'm watching video of him this year I think to myself 'My god, he doesn't fit his uniform anymore.'
  11. I'm just telling you how it seems to be with him.
  12. I'm slightly concerned. This is kind of deja vu with the 2016 season. Started hot out of the gates in April and then went into slump after he got the barry bonds treatment. I really think that once Murphy comes back that Harper and the Nationals are gonna get hot.
  13. He might play in extended spring training games tomorrow if he feels better. this is just a minor bump in the road to his recovery.
  14. He's probably not gonna hit 30 homers this year?
  15. That sentiment is really quite overrated. You still need useful guys in the regular season that are gonna put up good stats to get you into the playoffs. Unless you can land something that will actually help you in the playoffs it does not really matter. Plus in late september you are most likely going to be streaming more pitchers because it becomes a crap shoot trying to figure out when managers are planning to rest their starters or bump their start day.
  16. The cardinals stated they wanted him to be limited to around 100 innings. So if he comes back right away as a starter that means only 3 months of starts and then to the bullpen in September. But nothing is set in stone.
  17. As lando Calrissian once said, "Here goes nothing..."
  18. Is this guy toast? His peripheral stats so far don't seem to indicate that he has been unlucky this year, but plain bad. thoughts?
  19. Just slow start to the year. Last year he started slow due to injuries and then went into beast mode the final two months. Definitely a buy low candidate
  20. Might move up the lineup for the next couple of days while Cruz is recovering from hbp on the foot as well. I agree were are witnessing a breakout. My only knock on him is the lack of walks, but who doesn't like a guy that can hit between .265-.280 and give you 30 something homers.
  21. I've already dumped him for Ryon Healy for quite some time.
  22. I really hope they just DL him. I drafted him knowing full well he would play 130 games or less.