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  1. I bet he's the kind of guy that will eat a salad and say 'look I'm eating healthy!' but upon further inspection you see that his salad is swimming in ranch dressing.
  2. I think they are just being a little too prideful because they were hyping him up a lot in the pre season and don't want to admit that Godley is garbage. He was a 4 era with a whip around 1.30 in the second half of last year, so this isn't quite a surprise to see how he is performing right now.
  3. I think that is the original plan, for him to return to the majors tomorrow.
  4. Not really. Holding on to him means you are likely passing up better guys on the waiver wire that pop up during the season. He just plain awful. Walks everyone in the walk and teams are not falling for his curveball anymore.
  5. I wouldn't touch godley with a ten foot pole nowadays. Gray, Junis, Sanchez........... and Godley can be thrown in the trash pronto.
  6. 2nd homer in as many nights. He looks like he will come back and start mashing. Just wish he learned not to eat so freaking much, every time I'm watching video of him this year I think to myself 'My god, he doesn't fit his uniform anymore.'
  7. I believe he is gonna be a two-starter next week.
  8. I don't think anyone made the claim that he was an ace. He is still a good pitcher and looking at his game logs you more than likely would of liked his stats. He has some blow ups here and there, but still a good pitcher imo.
  9. So are telling us that you don't like Richards... Yeah he can be a box of chocolates sometimes, but he really isn't as bad as you are saying.
  10. ESPN would be the only one that shows 5 ER because mlb.com and yahoo! show only 1 ER
  11. I'm just telling you how it seems to be with him.
  12. I'm slightly concerned. This is kind of deja vu with the 2016 season. Started hot out of the gates in April and then went into slump after he got the barry bonds treatment. I really think that once Murphy comes back that Harper and the Nationals are gonna get hot.
  13. He might play in extended spring training games tomorrow if he feels better. this is just a minor bump in the road to his recovery.
  14. that's a pretty good offer.
  15. I would trade Greinke of those two pitchers. Carrasco is a little bit younger than Greinke if I am not mistaken and his upside is a little higher I think.
  16. He's probably not gonna hit 30 homers this year?
  17. C- Mike Zunino 1- Hanley Ramirez 2- Brian Dozier 3- Josh Donaldson SS- Manny Machado OF- Bryce Harper OF- Khris Davis OF- Michael Brantley Utl.- Ryon Healy Bn- Nicholas Castellanos Bn- Yoenis Cespedes Bn- Daniel Murphy SP- Jacob Degrom SP- Blake Snell SP- Luis Castillo SP- David Price RP- Caleb Smith RP- Walker Buelher BN- Josh Hader BN- Alex Reyes BN- Garrett Richards BN- Mike Clevinger Thoughts?
  18. What's up with Cron's start? Smoke and mirrors or did this guy really improve?
  19. That sentiment is really quite overrated. You still need useful guys in the regular season that are gonna put up good stats to get you into the playoffs. Unless you can land something that will actually help you in the playoffs it does not really matter. Plus in late september you are most likely going to be streaming more pitchers because it becomes a crap shoot trying to figure out when managers are planning to rest their starters or bump their start day.
  20. The cardinals stated they wanted him to be limited to around 100 innings. So if he comes back right away as a starter that means only 3 months of starts and then to the bullpen in September. But nothing is set in stone.
  21. As lando Calrissian once said, "Here goes nothing..."