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  1. JD and Beni for Stanton and Altuve? WHIR

    I would take the Altuve/Stanton side but as many said very close. Almost a personal preference thing. Also your OF is already stacked, I'd rather play Altuve at 2B

    I don't see why not - If you can pick up the 'stros catching duo then this is an accept for me.
  3. Based on my lineup below, in a standard 5x5 would you make this deal? Trea Turner + Mookie Betts for Jose Ramirez + Andrew Benintendi I lose SB but should win every other category? I would slide Bregman to my SS and play Jose Ramirez at 3B. C Yadier Molina 1B Rhys Hoskins 2B Dee Gordon 3B Alex Bregman SS Trea Turner OF Mookie Betts OF Charlie Blackmon OF Christian Yelich UTL Marcel Ozuna UTL Max Muncy BN Greg Bird BN Scott Schebler
  4. Thor for Kershaw

    I would not make this deal.
  5. Acuna or Eaton ros?? whir

    Acuna > Eaton ROS for me. Arrieta and Eaton for Paxton or Snell are auto accepts for me as well.
  6. L. Cain for Bauer? WHIR

    I have no issues with this. If it gets Soto into your lineup as well that is a plus. Fair deal imo.
  7. WHIR Scooter for Bregman

    Bregman (3B, SS) would slide into 3B C - Molina (C) 1B - Greg Bird (1B) 2B - Dee Gordon (2B, OF) 3B - Scooter Gennett (2B, 3B, OF) SS - Trea Turner (SS) OF - Mookie Betts (OF) OF - Christian Yelich (OF) OF - AJ Pollock (OF) UTL - Juan Soto (OF) UTL - Rhys Hoskins (1B, OF) BN - Jorge Soler (OF) BN - Max Muncy (1B, 3B, OF) BN - Fran Mill Reyes (OF)
  8. I would take Blackmon as there is uncertainty where Harper will sign...Unless you can squeeze a draft pick with Harper.
  9. Standard 5x5 who would you rather have ROS? Leave a link as usual.
  10. I would do it purely on upside. Jose Martinez is great for his OBP but he doesn’t offer much upside. Moncada was starting to put it all together before his injury.
  11. BAEZ for GREINKE

    I would take this deal. Improves your pitching staff a lot. You have the middle infield depth to make the deal.
  12. Start 1 or 2 SP? whir

    I would personally pick up a SP for the stream. My gut says Kingham but my brain says Junis.
  13. WHIR LeMahieu for Hoskins?

    I have Dee Gordon and Scooter Gennett as my other 2B.
  14. Standard 5x5 would you trade LeMahieu to get Rhys? As always leave a link.
  15. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    3/3 so far today. 2 hard singles and a homer after being down 0-2 in the count. STUD. Even with Eaton making his way back I don’t think they will bench Soto.