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  1. At least we get clarity where Darwin stands on the depth chart. With Damien OUT, if it is all Shady and Darrell Williams we can drop Darwin and move on.
  2. I think I go Demarcus - that game will be a shootout. However, if you want high risk higher reward play Ross. Brown would be the safe floor start. Help?
  3. DK 100% - With Cam probably not playing Samuel is useless. Help?
  4. I go Brown - should be a shootout. Minnesota does not want Cousin''s to throw whatsoever Help?
  5. I would pass. Giving up too much. Carson may not lead that backfield for much longer. HELP?
  6. 0.5 PPR - 10 team, 3 keeper league. Please leave a link! Give up David Montgomery + AJ Green + Jacoby Brisett for David Johnson + Demarcus Robinson + Drew Brees * Would throw Brees on IR and add Sam Darnold to replace Brissett. QB - Carson Wentz QB - Jameis Winston RB - Ezekiel Elliott RB - Le'Veon Bell WR - Michael Thomas WR - Keenan Allen WR - DK Metcalf TE - Travis Kelce Flex - David Montgomery DST - NE BN - Josh Gordon BN - AJ Green BN - Phillip Lindsay BN - Carlos Hyde BN - Jacoby Brissett
  7. AJ is on the rehab practice field today running around. HE IS COMING!
  8. 0.5 PPR - 2 QB league What pair do you take rest of season? David Johnson + Jimmy G or Marlon Mack + Phillip Rivers
  9. Looks like most people missed the most important quote from the article. MNF would be Week 4 of the season.
  10. Was thinking the same thing. May try to sell after this performance. 31 touches, no way he can hold up with this kind of workload all year.
  11. https://twitter.com/mikelesliewfaa/status/1167940359751487489?s=21
  12. So who do we have ranked ahead of Zeke in round 1 now?
  13. I would try to go for one of top 5 RB at 3rd and best WR/RB at 13th. Julio + Damien Williams + Edelman vs Zeke + Keenan Allen + Kerryon Johnson RB: Chubb / Melvin Gordon / Damien Williams / Fournette / Kerryon Johnson / Devonta Freeman / Henry / Michel / Mack / Montgomery / Josh Jacobs WR: Keenane Allen / Amari Cooper / AJ Green / Edelman / Cooks / Woods / Golladay / Landry / Lockett / Kupp
  14. Campbell has the most upside - smart pick.