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  1. “Two great players making a great play,” Bill Belichick said after the game. “Josh has worked hard. Tom has spent extra time working with him and really all of the receivers, backs and tight ends, as well. It’s good to see that hard work pay off.” “That was a great play Josh made, you know, jumping over the top of two defenders,” Brady said. “That tells you the kind of confidence I have in a really short period of time. You know, he’s earned it and happy to see him make that play.” Gordon explained how he saw the play taking shape. “I think after seeing the rush, him get out of the pocket, just kind of goes to sandlot football scramble drill – you know, go the opposite direction of what you were going,” Gordon said. “And I kind of wanted to head towards the end zone and we made eye contact, he threw it up there and it was a perfect ball. So, I had to try to make a play on it, and that was pretty much it.” “Man, that guy’s good,” Matthew Slater told reporters. “You can’t coach that. It’s just God-given.”
  2. Lets just take a second to appreciate this. So far in 2018: Gordon: 3 games, 5 receptions, 2 TD Beckham Jr: 4 games, 33 receptions, 0 TD Julio: 4 games, 29 receptions, 0 TD
  3. I am curious, does anyone know if Dorsett was still in the medical tent when Gordon scored the TD? Would he have even been on the field if Dorsett was fine? Half time snap count for Gordon was 12/43 vs second half 6/26
  4. First off, I am a Gordon owner and I DID start him last night. Are we worried about Gordon maybe not being as involved? If we take away the one BIG play, most of us would have been furious this morning. It is alarming to see Dorsett's usage vs Gordon. Would love to see Gordon around the 70% mark but that would be one of Hogan, Gronk, Edelman or Dorsett would fall down. Obvious answer would be Dorsett but clearly Belichick likes him given the snap count last two weeks. Snap count from last night: Hogan 63/69 = 91% Gronk 63/69 = 91% Edelman 48/69 = 70% Dorsett 42/69 = 61% Gordon 18/69 = 26% Patterson 8/69 12% This was the snap count from last week: Hogan 70/81 = 86% Dorsett 57/81 = 70% Gronk 54/81 = 67% Patterson 41/81 = 56% Gordon 18/81 = 22%
  5. 0.5 PPR...Should I make this deal? I would be receiving Diggs, Ertz, Brady. Leave a link as usual and I will help out.
  6. I am not doctor but...When dealing with hamstring strains... Grade 1 - Should be rested from sporting activity for about 3 weeks Grade 2 - Injuries for a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks. Grade 3 - Complete rupture, muscle may need to be surgically repaired (3 months) So safe to say, if Leonard is dealing with a Grade 1 strain we are looking at Week 7 or 8 at best?
  7. So Marrone says they are unsure how many games Fournette misses but it will be at least 2...GREAT
  8. If he is willing to send your Conner and Bell for that package...I TAKE IT
  9. WHIR 0.5 PPR...If you have Leonard Fournette who would you trade him for?