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  1. Is this game broadcast in the USA? I don't see it on the MLB network
  2. You have zero rights, to talk like that. Hill is a hole, yes. He wont do any jail time and you know it
  3. Enough. No one cares, about your fantasy team
  4. Barnes with another messy inning today. If he is the closer , I want no part of it
  5. Getting promoted by every sleeper page I look at...
  6. I need the Red Sox to name a guy. I don't feel like holding Barns and Brasier forever
  7. Pretty boring player, aka White
  8. Not compatible to Mike Trout, but didn’t Trout do the same thing. Sucked, was sent down to AAA and came back like a man possessed . My friend still reminds me of the day I dropped Mike Trout
  9. The Catcher for the Seattle Mariners, might be something here
  10. Have both, waiting for the outcome