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  1. Demetrios Harris? Isn't that a character from Playmakers?
  2. Out again. Getting extremely annoying, should have traded him when I had the chance
  3. Ugh, Lacy was his usual crap self yesterday.
  4. Chapman probably lost the job there
  5. Bravo Mike. You cost your team a win
  6. Looking like Bowman wasn't the answer
  7. I am done with the Angels. Beyond frustrating
  8. Inside the park variety
  9. You are reaching. Its a preseason game, if anything its a good thing he is missing it
  10. Absolutele God Mode
  11. Who the heck is Philip Ervin?
  12. With Lester probably getting DLed he needs to play or get cut. That's basically my 2 cents
  13. Left lat tightness
  14. Its a free NA spot. Why not?