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  1. There we go...
  2. They obviously have a death wish
  3. Dropped for that pitch to Lindor
  4. Is it me or are teams not stealing bases early this season. Dee Gordon, Villar, etc, just not running...
  5. I benched Ross yesterday, have to bench him today. Not my usual strategy but the Rockies are too good right now, plus the Coors factor.
  6. Finally signs of life
  7. We said that last season. I am not going to drop a proven vet like say Wacha or an upside youngster like Ross for this guy after last years disaster
  8. Way back when , how is ryan klesko doing lol
  9. Well the Padres were really good that one season when they got to the World series, I think in 1998?
  10. Ok, too be fair why is Bautista getting destroyed here, and Todd freaking Fraizer isn't. I have both, and somehow am still in second place after 3 weeks
  11. What's your point? I can also walk outside and a brick will fall on my head. All I mean is that it isn't a major injury
  12. Crisis averted
  13. Bought super low, for a former 4 the round pick in my leage, if he steals bases like last season, he is super useful even with a horrible average
  14. Bought low on Villar tried to find his thread here, could not, lol
  15. Snap out of it already. The flu excuse was fine while it lasted