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  1. July Closer Thread 2018

    Zack Britton actually got a save? No...My phone must be giving me false info
  2. 7/9 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Changing of the guard in Philly?
  3. Need a replacement, one guy doesn’t want to join. Please have Yahoo fantasy App and don’t be a homer aka drafting Barkley in round 1. Send me a PM if interested.
  4. July Closer Thread 2018

    First time seeing Parker, god damn his delivery is annoying...But job done
  5. Carlos Correa 2018 Outlook

    Yahoo is such a tease. But no, he is still on DL
  6. 6/28 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Vottos act is getting old
  7. Both are huge injury risks but I would pick Morrow due to the Cubs having a superior lineup
  8. Good Sell High? WHIR

    I would, Crawford is just on a hot streak
  9. Add/drop DL help... WHIR

    Wait for Shaw to get the DL icon
  10. If its keepers def Benetendis side
  11. # 1 waiver on Gary Sanchez? (WHIR)

    Too late lol.