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  1. The roto love fest with this guy is never ending.
  2. Holding for todays game, but if yesterday was any indication, 20 fantasy points is his ceiling now. Perhaps it was the Jazz, but Porz had no problems.
  3. Carrying my sorry behind with Harden only playing 3 games
  4. So grateful to the guys that got Curry 2nd and Durant 3th in order for me to snag him
  5. I really hope you are right
  6. I didn't drop but lets be real, he is not getting past this week. The magic have no interest in playing him if I get to the final
  7. Him and Turner are basically guys that I am very close to dropping especially if he doesnt play today.
  8. Not a good time to suck
  9. Dropped. I don't care if it was a blow out, tired of the expectations that never actually happened
  10. How serious is this injury? I have a bye and need to drop someone to active Noel and eventually Love. Need him to at least get the IR in Yahoo before next week.
  11. You guys cry a lot. Sure he starts slow, but at end the stats are good for a 8 team league
  12. what the heck?
  13. Since I have a bye I can speculate and grab but honestly not expecting anything
  14. What the heck happened today?
  15. Man glad I got my bye