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  1. I would not, he has been lights out this season, unless he is hurt again
  2. How fast the ball comes out of your hand is not the right way to discuss a certain Pitcher. and you know that
  3. Hey at least he had a clean inning. Unlike some
  4. If only this Streets could talk
  5. BedRock allows a run. Just saying
  6. Me, but really don't want to.
  7. Pretty damn good today
  8. 12 0 Nats, Harper with absolute nothing
  9. Bryce Harper struck out twice vs Baily. Special kind of talent
  10. He asked about him being a streaming option not a long term fix
  11. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/238451048/eric-sogard-among-3-brewers-banged-up/ Something to monitor.
  12. Actually maybe only due to him first going to Anaheim this season
  13. I mean after Torres went down, the prospect list isn't the same. Brinson was a disaster. That's basically it
  14. He was my SB savior till Maybin broke though. Definitely worth the add if you have room. Don't set unrealistic expectations though
  15. I found my glimmer of hope when he put the game supposedly out of reach in the 9th inning yesterday.