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  1. We just saw his floor last week. He is by far their best receiver and now that he has a QB who can buy more than half a second in the pocket, his floor certainly goes up.
  2. FWIW, Terry did pretty well last week against Byron Jones, who's no slouch.
  3. Gotta go Engram dude. I have both as well, and Waller is purely his backup until we see him consistently outscore Engram. No reason to get cute when you have an option like EE.
  4. What was that again? Come eat your crow. Lmao.
  5. Chiefs averaged 38.25 PPG on the road last year (8 total games). And their lowest scoring game of the whole year was 26. They could easily drop 31 on Sunday. They had 30 against them at Arrowhead last year. It's not really lmao worthy.
  6. He doesn't have an agent and negotiated the $30MM contract he just signed himself. Pretty impressive. Definitely keeping an eye on him as a backup QB in fantasy on that QB1/QB2 borderline.
  7. Yes, Saquon is even better in PPR. Dude caught 91 balls last year.
  8. Loved getting him at a 2-3 round discount because of Shanahan's Shanahanigans. Gotta love a little tough love from the coach. Hopefully he can avoid the sophomore slump and capitalize on this opportunity. Also hoping for a good year from Garoppolo.
  9. Yeah... the thing is, there's three complete, surefire, 100% stud RB's that go 1.01–1.03 that aren't currently unsigned. Guys that are easily on par with Zeke, holdout or not.
  10. Thoughts on Coutee after the Kenny Stills trade? One more mouth to feed.
  11. I think he would. Definitely makes Ballage an interesting stash right now...
  12. Got burned by him last year. And I'm back on the train this year. His situation this year is drastically better – QB, attitude, stronger defense, Yeldon cut, etc. Since I liked him enough to draft him at the 1/2 turn last year, why not this year in a better situation and at a better price? Look, I get the injury and behavior concerns. But predicting injuries and suspensions in fantasy is nearly impossible. Crazy, unpredictable s--- happens all the time. I'd rather take the guy who is guaranteed for production when he's on the field. Also, he looks a little bit trimmer this year. That can only mean good things. Take a look at these photos: Last year: This year (from last night's game):
  13. He's been streaky this whole year. He'll snap out of it and heat back up soon.
  14. Funny how the reverse jinx worked so quickly. 5-5 last night with a HR and 7 RBI. And now his season stats look pretty good!