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  1. interested please email me at wcolbey@rochester.rr.com
  2. 16 team league needs new owner

    i would be interested--send me an email at wcolbey@rochester.rr.com Thanks
  3. 16 team league needs new owner

    Can u link the team available
  4. 6 sport league has 1 opening

    Can u please send me info Thanks wcolbey@rochester.rr.com
  5. 1st year 4 sport espn league needs 1

    Interested in all. Can u send me info wcolbey@rochester.rr.com Thanks
  6. 4 sport ESPN league with openings

    Please send me options of what is available Thanks wcolbey@rochester.rr.com
  7. Salary cap replacement owner needed

    what team is available??
  8. Round 3 pick

    Jrue was my second round pick.. CJ was my 3rd round. I tried to move up to get Myles but it didnt happen. Thanks
  9. Round 3 pick

    I have learned so much here-thanks for your help Dynasty Startup. 8 Cat h2h No TO First two selections were Embiid and Jrue Im up and could use some help--here are top guys. Who goes good w my first 2 selections. THANKS for any input DeRosen MylesTurner Klay CJ Love THarris Lauri DSJr
  10. VERY INTERESTED in this--please contact me at wcolbey@rochester.rr.com Thanks Bill
  11. Quick Help

    Hello Im up in round 2 of a dynasty draft at pick 2.10 I took Embiid in round one pick 1.07 Basic categories-9 Thoughts on people to go w Joel. Who would you pick Middleton Jrue Gobert Capela Myles Turner Aaron Gordon Thanks so much
  12. 4 Sport Dynasty Startup

    I would like the challenge wcolbey@rochester.rr.com Thanks
  13. I will give my full attention to this squad-for the long haul. What is scoring?? wcolbey@rochester.rr.com
  14. need one owner for dyn keeper points league

    Will glady join--avid player. That is if league members willing to trade and have some fun wcolbey@rochester.rr.com Thanks