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  1. Absolutely. We've had 1 owner not responding, so you'll be the invite at 1pm if they're not paid.
  2. League is now full! A few are not paid. Anyone not paid by 1pm will be removed. If you would like to be listed as an alternate for anyone unpaid just post here or send me a message. Thanks everyone!
  3. 1 spot left. Will replace non paid owners soon. Draft at 4pm today
  4. 3 spots left!
  5. Settings:
  6. Hey guys, Get 1 more league in! Drafting 4pm est today. $25 H2H Points League on League Safe. Already have 6 owners. Next 4 that join and pay are in. Post your email if interested.
  7. $25 H2H Points Drafting 4pm Today!