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  1. Yeah, if he truly has leukemia, he’s not going to be back by the end of July.
  2. I’d be absolutely shocked if he plays again this year.
  3. Yup. It closed a few days ago. It’s slammed shut now.
  4. I got off the Yu train a few weeks ago. I don’t see how he turns it around with so many walks.
  5. Traded Pham,G. Cole and Swanson for Baez, Machado & D. German. I would imagine I win this trade handily.
  6. Manny heating up. Three home runs in his last two games, and four in his last four. Shame to those who sold low on him.
  7. The problem with him is that he doesn’t strike people out. So he’s got less of s margin for error, IMO. Unless he turns it around in another 2-3 starts he’s droppable for me.
  8. Is this guy droppable? His OPS is under .700!
  9. Huge buy low. Guys are selling him on pennies for the dollar. I just got him in two of my leagues via trade. He’s Manny Machado. He has a LONG track record. I feel really confident he’ll turn it around.
  10. Good to get rid of some risk in Machado and Kluber. Altuve looks like he’s going to have a monster rest of the year and Ozuna looks much more comfortable in St. Louis. Who else can you get besides Glasnow? I think he might be for real, but are you willing to risk that at the expense of a rebound from Kluber? You’re getting rid of risk in Machado for a sure thing in Altuve. I’d hold on to Kluber to be honest unless you’re getting a clear ace in return. Thanks for helping with mine.
  11. You’re welcome. The other manager must really have wanted Cole. His first offer: Machado/Correa/Lucchesi for Cole/Pham/Swanson. I couldn’t believe I was able to swap out Baez for Correa and German for Lucchesi!