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  1. Am I missing something obvious? I’m 1-3 probably going to be 2-3. Should I trade Fuller and Dissly for Keenan Allen? Start QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, FLEX, K, DST My team QB - Mahomes RB - Elliott, Ingram, D. Williams, Singletary, White, Hill WR - Thielen, M. Brown, J. Brown, Fuller TE - Kittle, Dissly K - Butker D - Jaguars, Browns
  2. Everyone still think this guy is a top 10 QB? What a joke.
  3. Kyle Allen can’t be worse than Cam was the first two weeks. Either way I’d start Kirk.
  4. Ended up moving Dak for Thielen, thanks everyone.
  5. You have enough depth at RB that it would be worth it for JuJu. He’s going to be fine with Rudolph. Ben isn’t even that good anymore and that was hidden from the average fan by having Brown and JuJu out there.
  6. I should’ve mentioned that the team with Kelce had Brees and Cam. Most teams all have 2 QB rostered, some have 3 for some reason.
  7. Can’t see your signature since I’m on mobile but in a standard I’d go with Brown and Hardman. In a PPR Chark and Brown.
  8. Too much imo. White is an afterthought in NE now. Mixon will get better.
  9. Depends on if you need a WR that bad. What’s the rest of your team?
  10. .5 PPR 10 man league I am 0-2 Start QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, FLEX, K, DST Roster: QB: Mahomes, Dak RB: Elliott, Ingram, D. Williams, White, Singletary, Hill WR: Hollywood Brown, John Brown, DJ Moore, Fuller, R. Anderson TE: Kittle K: Butker DST: Jaguars is that too much to give up for Kelce?? Post link and I will help in return.
  11. If this is going to be his role going forward he’s a fine RB2/3 in PPR. Gonna need TD’s to stay in the conversation in standard.
  12. Hopefully he’s James White on the Chiefs. That’s still a starting RB in most leagues.
  13. The offensive line is back to full strength. Giants defense should be pretty bad against the run this year. I’ll guess 12-15 carries for around 65 yards and a TD. Toss in 3 or 4 catches for who knows how many yards. Should be a solid RB2 for week 1 even if he really is on a snap count.
  14. Since when does Belichick call the plays for the Patriots?
  15. Nothing says elite QB like picking out two games where he did good.
  16. Anyone starting him this week? The last three years vs Pittsburgh he hasn’t done much. 2016 2 catches 32 yards 1td 2016 Playoffs 3 catches 8 yards 2017 2 catches 8 yards 2018 2 carries 12 yards 5 catches 25 yards
  17. Goff is definitely not a top 10 NFL QB. Probably not even top 15. He’s somewhere in that group with Dak and Carr and people like that. Without McVay he’s nothing special. Playoffs proved that last year. Insanely stupid contract by the Rams but I guess they wanted to make sure they gave out the worst contract two straight offseasons. Good for him on the contract.
  18. He is a set it and forget it WR when healthy. Just have to hope he doesn’t get hurt again.
  19. I think it’s fair. I’d probably accept it if I were him.
  20. No way, Julio is elite. Rodgers isn’t even an elite QB anymore (in fantasy) and Montgomery while he has potential isn’t a sure thing.