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  1. Over the last three years Tate has had 8 less catches, 170 more yards, and 1 more TD than Landry.
  2. It's too bad Buck always brings him back out for another inning with nobody warming up after he's thrown 100+ pitches otherwise his ERA would be pretty close to 1.00.
  3. Seth Smith is starting in RF or DH vs all right handed starters. Trumbo is starting in RF or DH vs everyone (except for an off day obviously). Gentry only made the opening day roster because they didn't need a 4th or 5th starter. He'll probably get sent down once Rickard is activated from the DL. He's just the 4th OF. Kim has only played LF. He's not very good out there but he's not horrible. Buck doesn't seem to really like him though. Last year it took a full month of hitting .350 for him to finally start getting playing time. I think it's because he refused the minor league assignment out of Spring Training but that's just my opinion. TL:DR: Mancini is fighting Kim for starts vs right handers in LF and should start in LF, RF, or DH vs all left handers.
  4. He was fine. Threw too many pitches early. Didn't look nearly as dominant as his first start but he was good.
  5. Duquette, Showalter, and Bundy all call it a cutter. Not that it matters what it's called.
  6. MASN had him 92-96 throughout the game.
  7. The run scored after three singles, two of which were very weakly hit. Tonight was as good as he's ever pitched as a starter.
  8. Looks like Rickard and Gentry will start at the corners tonight in the OF so if defense is your worry that should help.
  9. SP3 that goes much lower than he should. Don't start him at Coors and you'll be set.