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  1. I’d take lastella, he’s had a better year and Deitrich will likely lose playing time when Gennett comes back. Really can’t go wrong with either if you’re just trying to ride the hot hand.
  2. Thanks, got a preference of the 3 though? Strahms stats look great but turnbull just turned in another decent outing today against a good offense. Maybe if Musgrove gets his teeth kicked in again I’ll swap him for whoever’s second best.
  3. if steals are at a premium then Gibson, otherwise Robles. Meadows is looking like a top 30 OF so def worth the swap.
  4. Thanks! Anyone like Strahm or Turnbull better?
  5. Just make the deal and get Vazquez man! You’ve been lusting over him in a few posts now, acquire the asset!
  6. You really don’t want to drop votto so I may shop him around or try to package him with another player, but if you have to drop someone it may be votto.
  7. Peraza for villar would be a great swap, especially in a categories league. May even be the start over Murphy while he heats up.
  8. Woodruff, Montas and Kikuchi stick out to me, but woodruff would be the add in my opinion.
  9. Do you all trust kikuchi’s recent success, and if so who’s the drop? Musgrove officially has me worried, but even tho Hill has a better track record he’s looked pretty average so far (only 7 swinging strikes last game). Team in sig, thanks in advance!
  10. Definitely make that swap, like others have said Flaherty has had some bad luck with opponents, especially getting MIL twice. Yu just looked lost.
  11. Another one for Correa. I’d rather bank on Correa returning to form after injury then Anderson truly breaking out. This will leave you thin at steals but you still have marte and Correa is honestly worth the downgrade in one category.
  12. Totally agree that Meadows would be the favorable swap there, and as for whether you should ask for MadBum or Felipe in return, I'd go for Felipe and get yourself a solid RP especially with the SP depth you already have. Good luck!
  13. Swarzak first, and agree that you should try to swap Yonder for someone else off the WW if possible.
  14. Another for Cutch and Puig. Puig is better than his stats so far this year would suggest.
  15. I’d take Jose as well. Bryant has been trending in the wrong direction for a little while now, while Jose was the 3rd or 4th pick in most redrafts this past year. If he returns to even a fraction of the output of last year, you’ll have the better player going into next year.