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  1. you gotta start him imo if you drafted him and waited this long.
  2. well that didn't go well.
  3. thames has made him his you know what...that's ok the dude will bounce back
  4. it's baseball man..there's gonna be some o-fers.
  5. mejia sent to AAA, is a call up commencing?
  6. meh, this guy still have zero control. not to mention he serves his 4sfb like a filet mignon on a dinner special list. considering dropping in a 16 teamer...
  7. l o l rain delay now...will he return?
  8. homerun!
  9. marathon monday in Boston, not feeling good about rolling him out there...anybody else ?
  10. ya i'm a new owner of his and I've watched his starts and basically agree with you. There prob will always be a category he blows, but you can count on a lot of k's and chewing up innings (good for qs leagues)
  11. hmph, other than his era being high not bad counting stats for owners...
  12. fellow correa owner and phan/deadhead here! cool avatar!
  13. nice bounce back start.
  14. and he'll have a stronger lineup backing him today than last start.
  15. good source of holds? steals the closers job?