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  1. After last night's game at Coor's, I'm thinking it's a sit for Marquez today.
  2. Cubs are playing well, Marquez just not as sharp as last season. Had an inkling it was a sit.
  3. Anyone else hesitant to start today in Chicago?
  4. this guy has been seeing the ball well past two weeks .333/15/3/6/2
  5. G. Marquez shuts me up. Solid at Coors in the end tonight.
  6. G. Marquez pitching trash tonight. Not the same dude it seems this year thus far.
  7. I didn't have the balls to start Giolito, sucks.
  8. oh fo sho. 12 team or less must grab.
  9. Check my team in my sig. I'm currently half point out of first, with some monsters on the DL. Saying that, I almost HAVE to use this waiver right? I can't let the second/third place owner get a free Votto, whether he's finished or not right? Pick him up, and try to move him in a trade right? WHIR, thanks for your time!
  10. this guy a must own now with Garver's injury?
  11. Was cruising for most of the night, but the occasional fastball missed location hurt him. I bet he keeps getting better as he continues to adjust to league.
  12. Total beast mode. Has arrived finally.