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  1. What happened to Kyle Barraclough?
  2. what site is this from?
  3. raises hand....only two keepers but if you're gonna win youre redraft league, it would be wise to follow this forum imo.
  4. Seager down...
  5. I'm going for it in a 16-teamer actually. KC sucks so far. Dice are being thrown.
  6. Benintendi is hitting like the best player on the team, and we've begun to put some runs on the board. I expect Farrell to keep what's working.
  7. 16 tm h2h use top waiver spot to claim Cain and drop Healy?
  8. berrios for sure. garret has been lucky his control hasn't made his appearances blow up.
  9. ya he looked good imo...unlucky with the fielding error and then rendon obviously got him pretty good. but hey, its the nationals after all.
  10. I hear ya overall, however I have martinez and dahl on my dl atm.
  11. batting lead off today..
  12. what's up with this guy so far? slow starter?
  13. Anybody hear an update on Bedrosian? getting weary holding him in my 12 teamer...
  14. Hedges, Martin, Vogt. whir!
  15. ya it was case of getting excited once someone got on first...the catcher had to come out and remind him of his stuff to trust it.