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  1. His best pitch is his slider which supposedly he barely used. In-depth article about his start. https://www.pitcherlist.com/gif-breakdown-yusei-kikuchis-spring-training-debut/
  2. Players almost always hit better at home due to more favorable ball/strike calls.
  3. I wouldn't' blame him for staying. Few if any better places to live than Orange County. How much money does a person need?
  4. Do non-baseball fans know who Mike Trout is? I am guessing a lot don't. It would be like not knowing who LeBron is and I am pretty sure everyone knows who he is.
  5. It looks like injuries are baked into the cost. There is a lot of value in some mid round shortstops so I am going to pass on CC.
  6. Price is still high but I am paying it.
  7. I do like JG but I have been burned by drafting players that have had bad second halves thinking it was an aberration.
  8. Hit in upper arm. They say it was probably a bruise. Would have been his last at bat anyway they say.
  9. Hader has rarely been used in back to back games this year and usually gets 2 days off between appearances. I know because own him. At the same time there are other options in that bullpen to close games. If Knebel pitches well I think the will be put back in the closer role. Will he pitch well? I dunno. He seems to have lost his curveball.
  10. Value of Berrios is as a streamer. Two starts at home this week. At home vs. CWS on Monday for a make up game. I doubt Chicago is going to want to be there. Then another home game versus OAK.
  11. Quoting myself here because I thought this was weird. Why didn't Francisco Cervelli start at DH with his concussion issues? Really strange.
  12. Gray to the pen. Lynn probably to rotation. Looks like a two start week next week @CWS and vs. Rangers. YUMMY.
  13. Based on his minor league advance metrics I believe the power is 100% sustainable. I will own him next season.
  14. Not nearly the control or repertoire.
  15. Myers with a pulse. HR and 2B last night.
  16. SMH. At the rate he is playing he is barely fantasy relevant in even deep leagues. He must be hurt again. Joc Pederson is probably on the wire in most leagues. He probably has more value.
  17. I thought about taking a flyer on him. It is so enticing with him being in Coors but for a couple of reasons I probably will not. The often mentioned inability to play defense and frankly his minor league walk rates are not very good. The latter is usually not a good sign (see Roughned Odor). Anybody can mash in the minor leagues but big league pitchers generally can exploit an impatient hitter.
  18. Starting to go downhill with the forearm issue.
  19. His sinker is down 1.5 mph from last season. His curve is down about 1.2 mph. The good news is that he seems to be throwing it for strikes lately and hitters can not seem to lay off the pitch in the dirt still.
  20. Why they even decided to move him out of leadoff is beyond me.
  21. Good summary of the game. https://www.azsnakepit.com/2018/6/16/17470188/arizona-diamondbacks-new-york-mets-recap I just think this is who he is at this point. Even in his wins he seems to be fortunate.
  22. Dalton Pompey recalled. He is a real threat to Hernández's playing time. He should be picked up as a cuff.
  23. This is the international prospect to have shares of. Only issue is a chronic shoulder pain. Should be over next season. Yusei Kikuchi
  24. I have never felt this way toward another fantasy owner. We all take our lumps but I sincerely feel bad for anyone that started him yesterday.
  25. It is not like management can say anything like "We traded a lot to acquire this guy. Let's use him." Hinch managed them to a ring.