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  1. Bo Bichette - 2B/SS TOR

    Where is Rodgers Stadium?
  2. Drop E-Rod or T. Williams for Puig?

    Well my team and league type is in signature...
  3. Who to drop to activate Schoop?

    It's done! Thanks for the help.
  4. I need to activate Puig. Do I drop E-Rod or T.Williams?
  5. Who do I drop amongst the following?... E-Rod, Flaherty, Andujar, K. Tucker or W. Calhoun. Leaning E-Rod, as I love Flaherty's upside and Tucker/Calhoun are stashes/NA slot options. (Not the team in sig)
  6. Drop Calhoun, Tucker or Jimenez for Buxton?

    Is Calhoun not the lesser of those three prospects? Just he will be up sooner is what I think he has going for him.
  7. I need to activate Buxton and I’m down to dropping either Kyle Tucker, Willie Calhoun or Eloy Jimenez. Yahoo H2H standard scoring. Different team than in signature.
  8. What to do with Puig

  9. What to do with Puig

    What should I do with Puig when he's activated Wednesday? Make a trade? Drop him or someone else? Team in sig.
  10. Looking to ADD SPEED!

    Okay what about a trade target like Marte or someone like that?
  11. Looking to ADD SPEED!

    I am looking to add a speed guy but am wondering what kind of guy I could get with some of my players via trade? Just looking for player ideas; I know it depends what the other manager needs. Throw some names at me! I am loaded in the power/RBI/run department. I will add that Puig, Michael A. Taylor, Margot, Villar are on the WW...
  12. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    WHEN is he coming? cmon!!!!!!
  13. Which SP to add?

    Ray to the DL.. Add any of the following SP?
  14. Who to drop for Pivetta?

    I dropped Williams. Discussion over. Thanks for the advice!
  15. Who to drop for Pivetta?

    You like Williams over Gausman?