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  1. Rick Porcello 2018 Outlook

    Ahh, yes Superjoint, I see now that you have been adding new comments as this situation progressed. I drafted him late thinking he was terribly undervalued and that he would be a really solid middle of the rotation guy who wouldn’t be great but also wouldn’t hurt you. Wrong on both counts! I too am hurt. Rick rage. But yeah, still holding for now...
  2. Rick Porcello 2018 Outlook

    How about now? Two more starts, 1 ok and 1 disastrous. I almost rage dropped him when I saw this one...
  3. Dylan Bundy 2018 Outlook

    Just when I think I’m out, he pulls me back in again...
  4. Time to drop Godley? WHIR

    I dropped Bundy in a 10 teamer and no one even picked him up. My guess is Godley is valued similarly.
  5. Mac Williamson 2018 Outlook

    So now we’re thinking Friday? I wanna see what he can do over a longer stretch...
  6. Jameson Taillon 2018 Outlook

    Didn’t see the game, was this start as bad as the line looks?
  7. Sell high on Ohtani??

    Not this 🤔
  8. LeMahieu for Acuna??

    Definitely need to aim higher. FantasyPros has Acuna listed at 64 ROS. The nearest ranked 2Bs are Albies, Schoop, Merrifield, and Murphy. Guys like Baez and Moncado are ranked far below him. Not sure your league would see it that way but if you let them know you wanna trade Acuna straight up for a 2B I bet you get an offer you like better than LeMahieu.
  9. I’ve got Buehler, Weaver, Taillon, (and Reyes on the DL). I am worried about what happens to my piching in the H2H playoffs. Buehler, Weaver, Taillon and Reyes all have innings limits and will get shutdown between 140-160 innings. Pivetta might have limits but they will be less than the other guys (170-180), and Velasquez and Flaherty shouldn’t have any limits. So, would you drop any of those first guys for Flaherty, Velasquez, or Pivetta?
  10. Porcello or Skaggs?

    I like Porcello. He was really good a few years back and earlier this season. Skaggs is maybe a safer “he’ll be ok” guy, but he will only pitch once a week in LA’s 6 man rotation. And Porcello’s upside is Cy Young...
  11. Baez for Strasburg

    Stras by a mile
  12. Trade Dahl Get Carlos Martinez

    Yup, no brainer, as you said...
  13. Pham for Paxton WHIR

    I think thats pretty even actually. Both really good when healthy, both have trouble staying healthy. So it comes down to need, and you need pitching. Maybe you can package a few hitters for Pham?
  14. #3 claim on Romero or Teoscar? whir

    Dont underestimate Teoscar. Last time I checked he was top 10 in barrels and top 20 in sprint speed. Mad good skills, and it seems to be coming together for him.
  15. Please rank these SPs. (whir)

    Agree with the previous poster