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  1. Tyler Boyd 2018 Outlook

    [FAAB question removed. FAAB questions belong here.]
  2. Peyton Barber 2018 Outlook

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been more talk/concern in here about Quizz. He was getting all of the passing work and it seemed like he was on the field as much as Barber. Does anybody have what the snap count distribution was between the two? Barber had around 10 touches or less I want to say until the last couple of drives when they were just trying to run out the clock. I loved Barber coming into the season but this game was really concerning especially with Quizz’s usage imo
  3. Tyler Lockett 2018 Outlook

    First 2 weeks have been good because he found the end zone, but do you think he can be a consistent weekly producer?
  4. Dalvin Cook 2018 Outlook

    How bad is the injury?
  5. Lineup Help - WHIR

  6. Lineup Help - WHIR

    Oh wow. I said Baldwin but meant Lockett. Please consider Lockett here, not Baldwin.
  7. Brandon Marshall 2018 Outlook

    Who’s the better start this week him or Lockett?
  8. Lineup Help - WHIR

    Help me decide for this week. In a standard 4 point per TD passing league: Ryan vs Carolina or Goff vs Arizona And in a .5 PPR this week, pick one to start: Baldwin @ Chicago Sanu vs Carolina Cole Beasley vs NYG
  9. A.J. Green 2018 Outlook

    Would you rather have him over Julio, Hopkins or any of the other WR drafted ahead of him? I still don't think I would though it's gotten closer.
  10. Rank these RBs

  11. Rank these RBs

    Lol what?
  12. Collins or Hyde

    Hyde. Saints D is trash
  13. Rank these RBs

    I'm surprised people have Barber so low, he's the only one of the group not in a committee.
  14. I’d take the risk on bell you can put sanders in your flex in the meantime
  15. Rank these RBs