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  1. What's the concern level with John Fox's love for RBBC's? This was an issue with owning Howard at times last year. I understand his good play at the end of last year earned him some leash, but what happens if he starts out slowly or has a 2 fumble game for example
  2. This would be the week to start. 7 games at coors, 4 vs cincy pitching 3 vs white six pitching...
  3. Any insight into why he hasn't been running at all?
  4. Never mind I got it fixed. Please disregard!
  5. Is anyone else having issues with the forums user interface where everything is showing up in plain text? How do I change that?
  6. Hot garbage
  7. What would you project him for given a full season worth of abs for the Rockies? 30 sb guy? How many bombs?
  8. Got hurt running to first base. Did not look good
  9. Who would you say is the best bet right now to see save opps for the Phillies?
  10. So who is your money on to see the next save opp for Texas? Bush get one more crack at it? And how sure do you feel that street gets the next save opp for LAA?
  11. Any updates on severity? Hopefully it's just a couple of day thing but I doubt it
  12. Next nationals save opp who's your money on to get the chance to close it out? Enny?
  13. Soon as it flipped to June this guy went back to stinking again
  14. I guess it's still speculation at this point, but who gets the next save opp for the angels and who does for the nationals?
  15. Out of the lineup again today...