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  1. You're right, the game 2 days ago was PPD which explains why he wasn't in the lineup, my bad. I'm hoping he can start hitting again so he can get moved back up to the 2 hole
  2. Out of the lineup again today, is he in danger of losing PT because of his lack of production?
  3. Everyone that owns him?
  4. Dropping him would've been a horribly impatient mistake
  5. Bombs away. You can see the confidence in his swing right now hot streak incoming
  6. Bust might be a strong word given that his adp wasn't a top 15 2b preseason in standard ESPN leagues. That said he looked like a high upside pick for where you could get him and it's looking like he's not going to hit that upside. Getting dropped from 2nd to 7th was definitely a dent to his value
  7. I think he's a good buy low right now. Well worth taking a chance on from any impatient owners still frustrated by his slow start
  8. I wouldn't be sure about the steals either. As has been noted, Rockies don't really like to run
  9. Is it safe to say WSH is not a CBC and Glover will be getting all save chances when available to pitch?
  10. He's a slow starter and a streaky hitter. I'd still buy if you can, I bet he returns top 50 value ROS
  11. Triple crown?
  12. Career year coming?
  13. Was grabbing toward his hamstring after scoring, pulled from the game
  14. Looking at your team I'd do it. Plug Chris Davis from your bench to your Util and play Turner at SS. I think it makes your team better
  15. Adam Jones