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  1. What was his snap % like after Gallup got hurt?
  2. It’ll be interesting to see the practice report today, hoping he gets in at least a limited session
  3. If he’s healthy I still see him getting 15-20 touches. I’m just not sure how close to 100% he is even if he does play this week and if they’ll limit his workload because of that
  4. Good news, hopefully he’s able to play this week
  5. Still strange that we’ve had absolutely no updates on the injury so far. The optimist in me wants to think that’s a good sign? That if it was something serious we would’ve heard more by now? I’m hopeful he doesn’t miss any time at all.
  6. I’m hoping it’s just a knee contusion like with dwill, the concerning thing is it was a close game and he did not return.
  7. Any update on Conner? Guy above said MCL feared, any truth to that?
  8. Edmonds was in on that last series for AZ, I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet for DJ. We’ll see if he starts the second half
  9. I saw him standing on the sideline with his helmet on (I’m watching the game) not sure if that means he’ll come back in or not though. He was standing with the trainers
  10. Assuming he is active how close to a normal workload would you expect?
  11. I am slightly concerned about Hilliard’s one carry coming from the 4 yard line, but until we see it happen again (Chubb pulled inside the 5) I’m going to think/hope it was just a fluke.
  12. How’s many snaps and targets would you anticipate him seeing tomorrow? I’ll go 25 snaps and 6 targets as a guess, I think they’ll have a few plays such as screens specifically for him