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  1. How long do you think he’ll be out with this “sore knee” issue?
  2. I think the potential is certainly there for a big season but I am a tad concerned that he'll be rested more than most 1B will be because of the presence of Thames and the Brewers depth as a whole.
  3. Any playing time concerns with Thames still around?
  4. He's going to be playing every day and batting cleanup right? If so, I think he should be fine
  5. What’re the thoughts on this guy right now? Is his spring concerning enough to not take him top 50?
  6. Who’s the best bet in KC right now? Peralta or Box?
  7. The most recent blurb said he's playing the OF again on Tuesday, don't think it's really anything to worry about
  8. In a redraft standard 5x5, how would you rank: Zack Greinke Patrick Corbin James Paxton Stephen Strasburg
  9. What’s the story for San Fran? Smith going to start the season getting all the save opps? closer monkey actually has Melancon ahead of him
  10. How about Hoskins compared to the other 3?
  11. Where would you rank Hoskins compared to the other 3?
  12. I want to like him as a late round pick but I’m a little concerned if he’ll play every day with Nelly at DH and Duda lurking
  13. Anybody want to take a stab at some rankings?
  14. I could see him winning a batting title this year
  15. Grichuk’s 25 bombs came in only 424 AB’s last year as he was hurt for a significant portion of the season. He also hit 14 bombs in the final 60 games of the season, if he continues what he did in the second half last year he’ll be a steal at his ADP and certainly has the upside to hit 35+ homers. When I’m drafting late I’m drafting for upside, and I see more in the guys I mentioned then I do in Laureano considering the park, the 8th spot in the order etc.
  16. I don’t really see it with this guy. Bad park, hitting at the bottom of the order. Some speed and some pop but not really enough of either to make a real difference. Other late round OF I’d rather take a shot on are Meadows, Grichuk, Domingo Santana to name a few.
  17. I could see a bounce back year. Guys have up and down years, and he's in the right ballpark and the right lineup. I'd take a shot on him around pick 100
  18. I think Bour will be a solid play for the first month while Ohtani is out. After that, it’s hard to say but if he’s really hitting the first month I bet they’ll try and keep him in the lineup
  19. That's bold. Last year Marte had twice as many bombs, more steals and almost twice as many RBI's as Cain, all in less PA's than Cain. Marte is also two and a half years younger. I wouldn't dream of taking Cain before Marte.
  20. ^ That like seems pretty close to a best case scenario for Votto this year. The thing is, in close to a full season last year he had 12 bombs and 2 steals for the whole year. At a premium power position like 1B I need more power than that. He’s 35 now so age is not on his side. Maybe he bounces back in the power department, but in the 5th round I’ll probably let someone else find out