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  1. As a Cooper owner I picked up Austin as a replacement for this week. Seemed like he was on the field a lot last week after Amari got hurt, and Cobb isn’t practicing either
  2. Think he misses next week? The bye is the following week, but it’s a big game next week against Philly
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amari comes back in the second half. We’ll see
  4. Cooper is walking around on the sidelines
  5. If you have Edmonds also (as I do) you’re hoping DJ just takes the week off and comes back the following week healthy. If he does play you definitely have to worry about what his workload is going to be not to mention the chance of re-injury
  6. Yea I’m worried about him playing and his workload being scaled back and Edmonds being heavily involved
  7. 9 targets this past week, I think he’s worth a couple of FAAB dollars and a spot on your bench to wait and see what happens. I think he could end up being the go to guy on this team
  8. Can anybody who watched the game shed some light on what happened? Is this guy still a back end TE1?
  9. This will be the most interesting game to watch for me this week from a fantasy standpoint. I don’t think anyone outside of the Steelers coaching staff has a great feel for what this offense is going to look like. Even with the threat of a timeshare I don’t see many scenarios, outside of the Steelers getting blown out, where Conner doesn’t get 15+ touches. With Rudolph in there it seems like there will be enough carries and dump offs to go around.
  10. Yea I think they’re just being cautious as well. Though a full practice tomorrow would definitely ease my concerns
  11. Hoping for at least a limited practice today
  12. 2 votes for Conner and 2 for Mixon so far
  13. In a .5 ppr redraft would you rather have Mixon or James Conner moving forward?
  14. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I think Samuels touches were somewhat gameplan specific, but I think he’ll be involved moving forward. I see it being a 60/40 split Conner/Samuels moving forward. That should still afford Conner 15-20 touches a week as the Steelers will want to run with Rudolph in there and Rudolph seems to really like his dump offs to RB’s. One of the other takeaways I had from last nights game is the o-line finally looked like the top 5 unit I was expecting it to be coming into the season. We’ll see if that continues or if it was just because they were playing Cincinnati.
  15. Good game from a fantasy standpoint but Samuels getting the same number of touches as him is a little concerning.