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  1. 1 minute ago, Wytchclt55 said:

    And don’t forget George Springer in 2013 when he was 23 and didn’t see the majors at all.  Sometimes they blossom and sometimes they turn into Jon Singleton and AJ Reed. The Astros don’t pay attention to the amazing stats in AAA because they’ve seen them. They have their own form of evaluation to decide if it’s a fluke or if it’s a George Springer. This is why I take yordan’s numbers with a grain of salt. You just never know but this organization in particular has been through it. 


    It's not about whether he's a fluke though, it's about when the team needs him.  And right now they don't.   He will continue to marinate all year until they need him, and there's nothing wrong with that.  If Houston never cool off (highly unlikely but for discussion sake), he will just start with them next season.  I can guarantee the organization AND players have the rightful priority of continuing to win games, and as long as they are doing that no fans of that team should be upset with not seeing Alvarez right now.  To us fantasy owners or spectators who don't care if Houston continue to win, it's aggravating but they are making/not making the right moves at the moment, like it or not.

  2. 6 minutes ago, KilloWertz said:

    He likely is what he is defensively.  It's not like he hasn't played a ton of games out in the OF already...


    Likely true.  Still stands that you don't mess with a winning line-up.  It's a luxury they have him waiting in the wings right now, and will be able to avoid a skid by injecting him into the lineup when things look like they are going south.  


    It's better than bringing him up while they are white hot and then it somehow ruins team chem, and instead of having your ace in the hole to save you, you've wasted it and wasted it making your team worse in the Win/Loss column.  


    That's the way sports works sometimes.  It's not always "He's better than said player whose already in the lineup so just call him up"