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  1. Went up against Nick Chubb and Kenny Golladay and Greg Zuerlein. My Lamar Jackson threw 2 INT. My Green Bay D/ST was -4. Harrison Butker missed a FG Hopkins and Evan Engram both laid eggs. Despite all that, only lost by 2. Which makes madder because I started Melvin Gordon like an idiot. Literally anyone else from my bench could have helped me win this week.
  2. Anyone know the Vegas line record for points favored in the regular season? Got a feeling the Patriots/Dolphins game next week will shatter the record.
  3. Started Gurley and DeDe Westbrook...also drafted Melvin Gordon. Lamar Jackson is literally saving my fantasy week right now.
  4. Is he here to stay? Or only until Odor is back.
  5. You might be able to pick him off the waiver wire in a few weeks.
  6. I like how wishing opponent players to have a Rest game is far more ethical than wishing injuries.
  7. Zubac, Isaac, and Richardson murdered my FG% today.
  8. Somehow I held on to my lead despite this dude’s fantastic shooting.
  9. I am actually a believer that SGA will turns thing around post ASB. He is someone I would target from the WW.
  10. The answer is quite simple. I drafted him. I’m sorry guys. However, I guarantee the moment I trade him away he will do amazing. Unfotunately, no one in my league will trade for him.