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  1. please dear god have someone ask hoodie a terrible question in the post game presser...it's fun watching him get triggered. 😂 “what could you have done differently to keep drake out of the end zone?" LOL
  2. Mariota is part of the reason I’m never drafting Davis again. All part of the equation why Davis is on my permanent DND list.
  3. Corey Davis is the ultimate tease...start him 3-4 games he does nothing, so you get frustrated and start someone else and he goes off on your bench. Rinse and repeat. Good luck predicting which games he’ll do well in. Worst kind of player to own. I’ve played him every week except his 2 big ones. Never drafting this dude again.
  4. 2 straight 100 yard games with a TD in each for Lamar Miller and they decide to bench him for no reason in the middle of the game? He is either hurt or BOB is a moron.
  5. for everyone hoping for 4th qtr yards from carson bc of an expected blowout (which correctly happened), pete playing penny with 7 minutes to go. thanks for nothing pete.
  6. Fiers scratched from his start tonight. A's going with Trivino as the "opener."
  7. Box may get next save opp, but he also blew a save Tuesday night before his team came back to win in bottom of the 9th. Anyone have an opinion on who will get any Twins save opps ROS? Hildenberger has been horrid the last several weeks.
  8. hildenberger with the ole 108.00 ERA 12.00 WHIP for anyone who held onto him for a potential rogue save opp in championship week
  9. would it surprise anyone if sneaky pete mixed in a healthy dose of penny next week just to screw with carson owners? carroll has always been a coach who thinks he's smarter than everyone else. I own carson is a big money league and I still am not 100% confident in him. like if he starts out slow next week, pete could easily go with penny in some sort of stupid time share.
  10. carson looked STRONG on that TD. carroll better not mess around with penny anymore...but he's carroll, so who knows.
  11. mike mccoy. pretty easy to see why he flamed out as a HC for the chargers.
  12. so everyone thinking that the guard has changed from seranthony to hunter -- of course kapler brings in hunter today down 2 in the 7th to pitch 2 innings and he gives up another run and 4 H/1BB in 2 IP. kapler is the ultimate troll when it comes to saves.