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  1. Thanks, that's good to know. It's a Razzball league (RCL), figured I would give Fantrax a try this year. Guess the RCL's are set that way, or at least the one I am in is set that way. In any event, hopefully I will do a better job of managing this going forward.
  2. No, nothing missing. I went to move Sale from my BENCH to be a STARTER and a message popped up about how I have someone on my DL (Moncada) is now active and I can't make any lineup changes until that DL player is activated (I don't remember the exact message). So I could not move Sale from my bench to be a starter because of Moncada, and Moncada had already played (early game yesterday), so I was stuck missing Sale's start.
  3. So, I officially do not like Fantrax now. I can't start Chris Sale off my bench because I have Moncada on the DL. Moncada has already played today, so I can't move him effective today, so I'm going to lose Sale's start. Ridiculous site.
  4. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    Doubt he plays today with the off day tomorrow too. Hope he comes back on Friday.
  5. Chris Archer 2018 Outlook

    If you are selling low, what type of pitcher would you be happy with getting back? I.e. don't want to insult the Archer owner, but would you take a Newcomb? Luccessi? Or are they too unproven?
  6. Last post from me on this subject, but I was asking questions and asking for help as it's my first time using Fantrax, and multiple people just take shots at me. Not ok. And 15 seconds? That is an eternity for a website or app. The data should be at your finger tips. Like ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, etc. For the people that are being productive - thanks for the tip about changing the stats and for the filter on the magnifying glass.
  7. Thanks - hadn't noticed that, big help! No worries. I feel stupid not figuring it out on my own.
  8. So I say I don't see it yet you respond with saying you "feel I haven't looked at all". Please how about some help then? I click the Menu, and Players is an option, so I click Players. It shows three tabs across "Stats, Scheduled, Trends", and has a mix of hitters and pitchers listed and a magnifying glass in the bottom right. Clicking the menu again just shows the same menu as before, no Players submenu listed. So what am I missing?
  9. This is unreal in this day and age. I had ideas of moving my ESPN league to fantrax, but this makes it a non-starter.
  10. First year using Fantrax. Love all of the configurations you can set, but so far, I'm not a fan. No mobile app, and the website is virtually unusable on my iPhone. Is there a way to see the daily stats via an iPhone? I only see YTD. On the players tab - is there a way to see actual stats? I don't see an option to filter by player type, so it mixes hitters and pitchers together, and doesn't show stats.
  11. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    When are people drafting Kingery now? Forgive me if I missed it, but I searched "draft" in this thread and it didn't return any results. Fantasy pros has him at 308, which I'm assuming hasn't adjusted much yet.
  12. We have daily FAAB that goes off at 10 am each day. Gives teams time to check everything in the morning to make necessary adjustments for that day, and also prevents the mad dash to a computer should any major changes happen (injuries, closer change, etc). Every team, provided they keep up with the news, get a chance to act, which adds more strategy to the daily FAAB. We find it's a good balance. I'm on a computer basically all day but enjoy that I don't have to monitor news 24x7.
  13. Signed up for a RCL so I can give Fantrax a whirl. It looks much more modern than ESPN's site. Looking forward to how the site is with the draft and season starting soon. I feel like ESPN's site has been the same for a long time so our leagues may jump ship if Fantrax works out. Anyone else have this same experience?
  14. Keeper Conundrum

    Bellinger over Yelich for me.
  15. Moncada or Quintana as Keeper #7 - Keep 7 forever

    anyone else?