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  1. Darvish vs Archer?

    Darvish >>> Archer. Better team, better defense, NL vs AL.
  2. Ohtani and Miggy for Judge

    Take Judge. Miggy is at the tail end of his career and Ohtani is an unknown. What's best case for the Miggy side? They're both top 100 players this season? Judge was top 12 last year (5x5). Even if Judge's numbers slide he's top 50 easily (IMO), what's Miggy's upside? And Ohtani's? Give me Judge.
  3. 12 team, 5x5 H2H league. C/1B/2B/3B/SS/MI/CI/4 OF/UTIL 8 P 4 BN 3 DL Harper’s injury history scares me, but he’s five years younger and I don’t like what I’m reading with the humidor in Arizona. The Harper team is asking for a draft pick plus Goldy. Thoughts? What round pick is “enough” to include with Goldy to get Harper? I’m struggling because Goldy has consistently been better then Harper but five years is a big difference in age, and having two OF as keepers and 1B being deep means I can draft pitching early. My keepers: Goldy Jose Ramirez Carlos Correa Moncada Springer Darvish Robbie Ray thanks in advance.
  4. No, we run our auctions offline but would like to enter the player values into ESPN so people can see the amounts when looking at players, proposing trades, etc. We have the same process on CBS and we can add the player values there, but I don't think CBS is worth the money.
  5. +1 on this. We switched for the same reasons and also don't see any real changes in the platform or interface since then, but we stay because it's "fine" and we've been on the platform for both baseball and football since 2008. I would love to see ESPN add the ability to add auction values to players to make tracking those values easier on site instead of needing to track them off site, but it is what it is.
  6. To me CBS's one inning (appearance) is the biggest joke. A team implements a shift for one inning and all of a sudden that player can play the shifted position on your fantasy teams.
  7. Need a flex between Jonathan Stewart and Zach Ertz. It would be Ertz for me if Wentz was playing, but not so sure with Foles starting. Stewart has scored 5 touchdowns over his last three games and has a good matchup, as does Ertz. Thoughts? QB: Dak RB: McCoy/Gurley WR: Keenan/Mike Evans TE: Gronk FLEX: Fitzgerald/Stewart BN: Stafford, Hundley, Trubisky, Clement, Kerwynn, Kearse, Darkwa, Ertz, Maclin, McKinnon
  8. Jonathan Stewart 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm rolling him over Ertz at flex with Wentz done for the year. Stew has scored a TD in three straight and scored 10 or more points in 3 of the last 4 games. The packers defense isn't anything special.
  9. Beckham for Gronk and Fitzgerald (Keep 4 forever)

    Gronk would just replace Beckham for my keepers if I did this: McCoy, Gurley, Evans, and Gronk. I wouldn't be keeping Fitz.
  10. 12 team, 1/2 PPR. Keep 4 forever, as of now that's Gurley, McCoy, Evans, and Beckham. Open to trading Beckham to improve my chances in the playoffs. Currently 8-1 and one more victory gives me a first round bye. Looking to get a great keeper back plus help, so Gronk and Fitz fit that mold. Trade my Beckham for his Gronk and Fitzgerald? Thoughts? Normally I wouldn't think of trading Beckham, but have had a good season and want to improve my chances at another championship since the opportunity is here. QB: Prescott RB: Gurley RB: McCoy WR: Evans (normally), this week Kearse WR: Keenan Allen TE: Ertz (normally), Witten this week FLEX: McKinnon FLEX: Darkwa BN: Stafford, Corey Clement, John Brown, Will Fuller, Buck Allen, Jeremy Maclin, Jonathan Stewart, Beckham IR: Chris Carson Doing this trade would make my normal lineup: QB: Prescott RB: Gurley RB: McCoy WR: Evans WR: Keenan Allen TE: Gronk FLEX: Ertz (or McKinnon) FLEX: Fitzgerald (or McKinnon) BN: Stafford, Darkwa, Kearse, Corey Clement, John Brown, Will Fuller, Buck Allen, Jeremy Maclin, Jonathan Stewart IR: Chris Carson
  11. Keep forever - Trade Beckham for Gronk or Hilton

    bump, anyone else?
  12. Keep forever - Trade Beckham for Gronk or Hilton

    I agree that Beckham is the best keeper that's being discussed here, and in the discussion for #1 overall in a dynasty. It's more about he's useless this year, so is the upgrade from a player who's out for the year to high end WR2 in Hilton or stud TE in Gronk worth the bump this year knowing that I'm giving away future keeper value?
  13. 12 team, keep 4 every year (no time limit) plus one rookie. Current keepers are Evans, Beckham, Gurley, McCoy...not sure about the rookie. QB: Prescott, Stafford RB: Gurley, McCoy, Stewart, Buck Allen, McKinnon, Clement, Darkwa WR: Evans, Keenan Allen, Fuller, John Brown, Maclin, Kearse TE: Ertz, Witten IR: Chris Carson, Beckham We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, RB/WR/TE, no K or DEF. I'm 5-0. It's early for people to throw in the towel, but one team has offered TY Hilton for OBJ and another has offered Gronk for OBJ. Thoughts? Give up on Beckham to continue the push with Hilton or Gronk?