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  1. I've tried getting Vlad all year in my dynasty leagues with zero luck...pretty much been told that hes untouchable unless I had Trout. Unfortunately, hes just about at the peak of the hype train so it's an awful time to try to acquire him. I think Verlander plus anybody but eloy is a fair offer but if I were him I'd probably hold off.
  2. Trade offered this a serious question? The only league I can think of that would make the MCullers side better is an AL only league. Somebody is hoping that all you look at is current rankings
  3. You need a better return, I'm holding
  4. Kershaw Dynasty Trade: Should I Veto?

    I've seen a lot worse in dynasty leagues. Kershaw has been hurt a lot the past few years, and many are trying to sell. The Kershaw owner should have gotten better but I don't think it's close to be a veto
  5. Easy pass for me, I'd want WAY more in a keeper for those 2
  6. 5/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Ummm...Grienke just singled in a run and then promptly stole 2nd. Ohtani who?
  7. 5/8 - GAME DAY THREAD

    It was a little hard, but within the rules. Souza also pointed out what Utley did to Nick Ahmed last week in AZ....May have been a little revenge motivation in the slide. Still a perfectly legal l Slide
  8. LeMahieu for Berrios

    No I would not
  9. AJ Pollock 2018 Outlook

    His 3rd of the night...darn that humidor!
  10. Should I deal for bellinger

    I would absolutely do that in a dynasty. Bell, Anderson and Stroman....sign me up.
  11. Trade Question WHIR

    For 1, I think Haniger can be every bit as valuable as Pham as a keeper. Especially when you consider Phams injury woes. I love both Pham and Haniger and would prefer Pham 1 for 1 at equal $ but adding Manaea at $1 looks amazing. Q looks likes he's turning it around and will be very serviceable this year to top it off.
  12. Trade Question WHIR

    I like all 3 options but I like #1 the most.
  13. He's trying to sell high on Corbin and buy low on Rameriz. I love Corbin and hes a legit arm but you can't do this trade.
  14. Charlie Morton for G Torres?

    If this is a dynasty, I may do it If this is a redraft, heck no It helps if you post more info about your league