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  1. Arizona Diamondbacks 2018 Outlook

    Seems like the 2nd half that JD Martinez had for the Snakes in 2017 could account for a lot of the 20% difference.
  2. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Rumor has it he's moving to 2B
  3. Francisco Mejia 2018 Outlook

    He has been in Yahoo's system for awhile now...type "MEJ" in the player search to find him
  4. Bellinger for Belt

    No sir. I view Bellinger as your 8th keeper but wouldn't keep any of the 3 your getting back. I can see the appeal to help your staff now but I think this hurts you long term. Maybe move Meadows for an arm to someone who views him as a keeper?
  5. Jake Lamb 2018 Outlook

    About 22 more minutes ?
  6. John Ryan Murphy 2018 Outlook

    By starting catcher I think he means that Murphy will start 3 out of 5 games. Mathis always catches Greinke (yesterday) and Avila they gave a 2 year contract to so he will get at least 1 turn in the 5 man rotation. Its crazy to me that they carry 3 catchers, and frustrating as a fantasy player!
  7. Yelich for Wacha and Boxberger

    I would do that deal to get Yelich!
  8. Dynasty Goldschmidt WHIR

    Goldy side is a no-brainer. Pull the trigger before he realizes Goldy has woken up.
  9. WHIR LeMahieu for Hoskins?

  10. Jake Lamb 2018 Outlook

    You guys crack me up, poor guy is coming back from injury and will need some time to get everything together. If your just watching the box score then yes those 0fers look rough but I've watched a lot of his at bats and he has a lot of hard hit balls that are being lined right defenders or defenders are making great plays to get him (didn't see today's at bats, cant speak for those). Practice some patience here!
  11. I would trade Scherzer for Vlad in every one of my dynasty fact, I tried and was turned down. Scherzer is 34 and the decline is coming sooner rather than later. You obviously don't play in dynasty leagues, its a totally different animal just like Hootie described. Obviously Sherzer wins this year, maybe next but after that it will be Vlad who is the more valuable player. In dynasty leagues, in order to get elite guys at a young age you have to pay big because your not just buying for this year, your buying 10-15 years of production. I love guys with your mentality that play in my leagues, they always start the league on top but after a few years they fall to the bottom and can't figure out how to get back to the top because they don't understand how to build with young talent. I'm not trying to be insulting, just saying that the mentality you have is perfect for redraft leagues or small keeper leagues and it's totally the way those leagues should be played....dynasty leagues and dynasty players think differently and value players differently. Most of my dynasty league mates do unbelievable research on prospects, some are in the sports media business, and some go to minor league games every week. That's what make these leagues so great and so competitive, every move is well thought out knowing that the effects of nearly every trade or draft pick will effect your team for years. Acquiring Vlad could be one of those trades, it should cost a lot to get him. Your not buying Vlad the 2017 prospect, you have to pay for the 2018-2034 all-star that everyone thinks he will be. Just my opinion...won't be refuting any response to this, to each his own!
  12. I've tried getting Vlad all year in my dynasty leagues with zero luck...pretty much been told that hes untouchable unless I had Trout. Unfortunately, hes just about at the peak of the hype train so it's an awful time to try to acquire him. I think Verlander plus anybody but eloy is a fair offer but if I were him I'd probably hold off.
  13. Trade offered this a serious question? The only league I can think of that would make the MCullers side better is an AL only league. Somebody is hoping that all you look at is current rankings
  14. You need a better return, I'm holding
  15. Kershaw Dynasty Trade: Should I Veto?

    I've seen a lot worse in dynasty leagues. Kershaw has been hurt a lot the past few years, and many are trying to sell. The Kershaw owner should have gotten better but I don't think it's close to be a veto