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  1. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    Thomas Harding of MLB.com reports that the Rockies have interest in free agent second baseman Brian Dozier, but only on a short-term deal. Harding notes that the club has to balance their interest in the veteran infielder against payroll concerns. The Rockies also have several promising middle infield prospects on the cusp of the big leagues, so it doesn't really look like a position of need for them. This is that dreaded veteran 2B acquisition we've been hoping to avoid so there's a clear path. Thought we dodged a bullet with Murphy playing first but looks like the Rockies aren't done with their infield. Them looking for only a short-term deal bodes well for Hampson's dynasty prospects, however.
  2. Championship Rosters

    This was the most grueling season ever for me. In my 12 teamer I put in close to no work predraft and it showed as I struggled out the gates. Life and job changes didn’t allow it. Around mid season life got straightened out and had more time for fantasy football and grinded. Won with this roster. First championship in any sport where everyone on my team was a waiver pick up and definitely my proudest win. 12-TEAM 0.5 PPR My team QB Mayfield RB Chubb RB J. Williams WR D. Pettis WR. D. Hamilton TE Jarwin FLEX D. Williams DEF Titans K Maher Opponent QB Roethlisberger RB T. Coleman RB J. Mixon WR A. Brown WR. J. Smith-Schuster TE Cook FLEX M. Ingram DEF Texans K Fairbairn
  3. WEEK 16 - ALL GAMES THREAD 12/23!

    Baker obviously woke up feeling dangerous this morning
  4. Week 16 Injury Thread

    Did something happen to Jamaal williams?
  5. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    And technically he got double digits week 10 too. Anyway here's the thing though, in those bad games (wks 15 and 16) you have to look closer. He still got double digit losses in those two games (which were losses). Also, the entire team played bad week 16 and got shutout 16-0. They also played tough matchups (@CAR and vsMIN). So that leaves me room for optimism because some of the factors that lead to the bad games aren't characteristics of this matchup. If he gets touches he'll be solid this week and they've already made it clear he'll be highly involved so his floor is extremely safe IMO. I feel really safe playing him next to chubb as my RB2 and I'm ahead of David Johnson. Now I just need to another one of these backup-types (DWilliams, Kelly, Ballage, Wilson Jr.) to hopefully give me a reason to bench DJ lol.
  6. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    If you haven't yet learned how to use vegas to your advantage then you still have a lot to learn. But a line that shifts that much tells me the odds are on the wrong side for him to play. You're the type they make money off of lol. Edit: And as I say that Rodgers says he's going to play and these games mean something
  7. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    The line on this game shifted huge telling me that Rodgers is not playing. Right now Jets -2.5. If you only trust williams if rodgers plays, better be looking for another option.
  8. Kalen Ballage 2018 Outlook

    “That long run he had, that’s how he runs every day. That’s how he finishes every day. There’s a reason why he’s able to do that and was confident to just gas it and run by everybody because every day in practice, we watch the same thing. When he gets a carry with the offense, he finishes in the end zone. It’s a good trait to have.” Um...is this not one of the reasons doesn't like Drake? I thought Drake tries to hit the home run too often instead of getting the tough yards. Now suddenly it's a virtue when Ballage does it but a vice when Drake does it??? Dude is crazy. He's a basket gase.
  9. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    Lamar miller doesn't produce in that system = "aww he's so talented. Poor thing too bad that awful system is holding him back. Can't wait til someone uses his abilities the right way." Damien Williams doesn't produce in that same system = "He's a plodder. He's a JAG. No one touch him he's toxic. Mediocre at best for life."
  10. Dante Pettis 2018 Outlook

    I think you saying "this is flat wrong" is flat wrong. The point of his post is based on what most stats classes will teach you the first week, and that is that "past performance is not indicative of future results." I even looked at TY's game logs vs the texans and he followed his 5/175/2 with a 3/14/0 in 2017 and a 3/49/0 with a 9/115/1 in 2016 which would support @NyMetsfan5's argument, if that small sample was even significant to anything. The point is outlier games whether they dropped a turd or went off are just that; outliers. If you chase something that happens 1% of the time you're not going to get that result 99% of the time.
  11. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    Whit Merrifield. In an equal setting, Merrifield is a slightly better hitter for contact/average but since hampson plays in coors, it is the equalizer.
  12. NFL Waiver Wire Thread 2018 Week 15

    QB J. Johnson is an interesting situation. Surprised no one has said anything... Has the wheels to get rush yds, increasing his floor (see L. Jackson, J. Allen) Already named the starter Has next to no competition for his spot only problem he plays @jax and @ten
  13. Lamar Jackson 2018 Outlook

    Bovada over/unders are 16.5 completions, 28.5 attempts, 187.5 yds passing, 76.5 rushing
  14. Austin Ekeler 2018 Outlook

    Jackson caught a 19 yarder that was pretty nice last week and he’s 3/38 on the year. It doesn’t take much to look these things up.
  15. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    I agree I'm a bit skeptical of the whole column this week. I'm starting Sutton this week and feel good about it, but he's also got Lamar Jackson vs KC, Justin Jackson vs CIN, and Spencer Ware vs BAL as starts in the article. It loses some of its credibility because of those recommendations...