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  1. H2H makes me sick sometimes. I think I'm just gonna set the lineups for the next matchup period right now and take a week off of FBB. Clearly it does no good to meticulously cultivate a "good" team. When they all want to s--- the bed at the same time it doesn't matter. lol. PS: Also screw it b/c in H2H you just have to make the playoffs (preferably w/ a bye) and hope your numbers get called. B-I-N-G-O.
  2. LOL. Attaboy Lester. My entire rotation is dog****.
  3. In keepers, as much as I'd like to rage drop right now, it would be a mistake. Best move is to bench and see what they do w/ him. We don't have much info to go on at the moment. Odds are he moves into the pen and skips 1 or 2 starts to get things figured out. He won't sniff my active lineup again until he strings together 2 rock solid starts.
  4. I bench Manaea for his 8K 7IP shutout and roll out "safer" options today. Salazar vs KC and Lackey vs LAD who combined for 12 HA, 9 BB & 8 ER over 10.1 IP I'm clearly not doing this right..
  5. Stick a fork in Lackey.
  6. More walks than K's vs the free swinging Royals. aaaaand as I type this all 3 of those runners he left on the bases score. So so sick of this underachiever. He's on my next to drop list for a DL activation, etc. let someone else pick up this ratio bomb.
  7. So GD tired of seeing Salazar on my roster.
  8. Tough line to leave on the bench but it was the right call at the time. Dude is borderline must-start now. PS: good luck to those of you still trying to buy. I think the price just went up.
  9. So happy Donaldson is back today hitting behind Pillar.
  10. If they're going to deal CarGo and/or Blackmon for value in the future they're going to have to get Dahl established. I don't think Reynolds or Parra are more important than the development of their 23 yr old stud OF of the future. He'll get his time unless he stinks it up. He might get his time even if he stinks (see Story).
  11. Yay... Trevor made a boom-boom.
  12. They do for sure have a lot of good bats. RE: Dahl, another take on it is that the Rockies see Desmond/Dahl/Story as franchise players and getting them regular PT is going to be a priority. It's easy to forget that Dahl was a first round pick (#10) selected by the Rockies who developed into a top 15 prospect. At 23 yrs old he is a big part of their future and he will need to be successful if the Rockies are to move on from CarGo and/or Blackmon. My guess is that until someone is dealt (hopefully CarGo), that Dahl/Reynolds find themselves in a platoon and Reynolds is on the short end of it. Desmond plays everyday at LF or 1B. Dahl vs RHP, Reynolds vs LHP (in spite of the fact that he performs well vs RHP), Parra and Valakia go back to being bench guys. Best case scenario for Reynolds is that Cargo gets moved and Dahl (or Desmond) make the move to RF.
  13. you're right. I wonder if that 5th one will hold up. Guess the scorer decided Hill's performance was worthy of the extra one.
  14. ya Walked Piscotty Carpenter reached on a bunt single Gyorko singled. but then Bellinger forgot how to play baseball so Gyorko reached third and Piscotty and Carp scored Then Stripling got pounded Molina single would have scored Piscotty Diaz double would have scored Carp and Gyorko and poof go the other 1/2 of the ratios.
  15. And now Stripling is twisting the dagger by making sure those runs are earned that would have been covered by Bellinger's butchery in LF.