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  1. Seems that he should have played the 1 year for 10M and negotiated that the Chargers do not hit him with the tag next season. Then get some insurance to protect against a career ending injury during 2019. Instead he tried to play hardball with no leverage. Business decisions have to be influenced by markets/demand.
  2. dude I hear you. Was looking pretty a minute ago when MGIII was about to sign, DWIll and TPollard splitting time in the flex for the first half. now of the 3 I might have 1 flex-worthy player. smh.
  3. Check out the draft history for the league if available. A lot of times the same patterns will play out year to year.
  4. You do have to at least consider the other side of the coin though. How much of Elliott's value was a product of the system/team that he was a part of? If Zeke was drafted by the Bengals or Bills would he be worth #1 $$ today?
  5. Thinking abt running Belt out there for 4 games @COL vs RHP this week. Might be a nice fill in for low volume days Mon (dbl header) and Wed.
  6. In a 10 team redraft you might be there already. Depends on how deep your benches are and what's on your wire really.
  7. lol 0-21 with a boat load of K's. Is Chris Davis his new hitting coach?
  8. Back in the lineup today batting 3rd starting @ SS.
  9. Need 15 more in my CBS league. gonna be close. Agreed on the 2nd point. Time to put one in the seats.
  10. Pax looks awful. Unstartable.
  11. RHP with good sliders eat Riley alive. He'll swing at almost all of them.
  12. fwiw, Kieboom has been getting appearances at 2B lately.
  13. Scherzer at $150 (full retail price) Soto at $3 (picked up off wire for $2 last year and kept this year for $3) I'm in 7th place, top 6 teams get in. thinking I don't stand much of a chance this season in the playoffs and our trade deadline is today. thinking a 20 yo Soto at a cheap price is better than a Scherzer rental.