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  1. Francisco Mejia - C CLE

    Fwiw, in a 10 team 12 keeper I cut him 3 weeks ago to stash Soto and Mejia is still on the wire. IMO, the only way he'd have a shot to come up during the fantasy season is if he hit his way up and as of now he's just not doing that (.189 as of this morning, brutal). He's on my watch-list, probably a guy you can re-add later in the year.
  2. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Would love to see Rizzo get crazy and open with Turner, Soto, Harper, Rendon. or even move him up to 4th to bat between Rendon and Reynolds to break up the righties.
  3. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    It's really too bad Toronto isn't built to win like Atlanta or desperate like Washington, or Vladdy would probably be up already. I have a bad feeling that Toronto slow plays his promotion to AAA and leaves him there "to work on his defense" all season. Sucks for this season but in keeper/dynasty leagues it's just a matter of time until he's shredding in the bigs.
  4. Paul Goldschmidt 2018 Outlook

    Time to take him out to pasture. Ugh.
  5. Rhys Hoskins 2018 Outlook

    Wish he'd start hitting some baseballs. Hard trotting him out there lately.
  6. May Closer Thread 2018

    They used Seranthony against the top of the order and he got it done. Neris can be the closer for now, Seranthony is lurking in the shadows and we know who Neris is and what he does every 2nd or 3rd time out..
  7. OF's - Blackmon, Acuna, Hoskins, Inciarte, Soto, Polanco (AJP on DL). other bats Lindor, JoRam, Rendon, Hoskins, EE and Cruz alternate the DH depending on matchup and how hot their bats are. Arms - Paxton, Greinke, Snell, Manaea, Mikolas, Castillo, Godley. Blackmon is $9 (salary is current +10% year over year) Kluber is $5 so the $$ isn't a big difference. Love Blackmon but think Kluber would really take my staff to the next level. Not sure I can afford to lose him in teh OF though w/ lots of young guys left behind. Deal or hold?
  8. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    3-4 tonight w/ a HR & 3 runs scored batting 2nd. Hope getting passed over lights a fire under his a**.
  9. Paul Goldschmidt 2018 Outlook

    People are paying 1st round talent??? Most offers I’ve seen are no better than top 25
  10. Anthony Rendon 2018 Outlook

    Anyone know how stats accumulated during suspended games works in h2h? will Rendons HR count toward this week or will they count toward the week that the game is finished in (June18)
  11. Nelson Cruz 2018 Outlook

    Hope he's alright. Maybe a 10 day rest wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. He's been pretty awful.
  12. Ender Inciarte 2018 Outlook

    CSB: on my draft notes next to Inciarte I wrote "AJPollock insurance". Looks like I'm gonna have to file a claim.
  13. AJ Pollock 2018 Outlook

    It's cooked into the price you paid. Drop him in the DL and hope for better days ahead.
  14. AJ Pollock 2018 Outlook

    would be happy w/ 6 weeks at this point. hope he's able to hit for power upon his return.
  15. Freddy Peralta 2018 Outlook

    Good read on Peralta if you haven't seen it yet. https://www.brewcrewball.com/2018/5/13/17349350/quick-scouting-report-on-milwaukee-brewers-call-up-freddy-peralta excerpts: "3.31 ERA across an even 400.0 professional innings." Hitters could barely touch Peralta’s stuff last year, not only striking out at a clip of 12.7 K/9, but batters registered only 5.8 H/9 all season." " At the time of his call-up, he was leading the PCL in winning decisions (5), strikeouts (46), and ranked first among starting pitchers with 11.9 K/9" "he’s currently sporting a .345 BABIP after posting a .267 mark last season." "Peralta’s best pitch is his fastball, which grades out as plus from most evaluators. typically works in the 89-92 MPH range and usually tops out around 94. He can manipulate just about any way he wants - he can cut it, sink it, run it, and accurately place it in various spots all over the zone."