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  1. Def can’t be relied on in fantasy playoffs. I believe we can just abt guarantee he sits b2b but will need to plan on him having a sore knee every other game from here through ros.
  2. We praying he plays tonight?
  3. What makes you think he will be available in the fantasy playoffs? And if you’re taking about IRL playoffs you’re in the wrong forum.
  4. Must be nice to get paid so well to watch basketball games. Amazing seats too.
  5. Owning Kawhi and Lowry is like owning 1&1/2 pretty good players.
  6. Fantasy albatross at this point. A dead spot on the roster so itching to drop him. On the other hand can’t drop him and have him run against me in playoffs.
  7. A lot to lose if they don’t play him or if they don’t trade him? I think the Pels are in a better position in both cases. Better off not trading him and letting Bos make an offer they can’t refuse this Summer. && better off not playing him bc they know how a devistating injury can ruin a trade chip (see Boogie).
  8. AD also played ~1/2 a season and the Pels are going to get a kings randsom for him. PIT will get nothing out of Lev Bell’s final season.
  9. What seems more likely is that if the market is depressed, and as a result LA’s offer is lower, then the Pels will wait until the offseason to deal and see what Boston wants to offer this Summer after sorting out Kyrie.
  10. They can win vs most teams on most nights. In a 7 game series vs the dubs or rockets they’re absolutely gonna need Kawhi.
  11. Well, apparently he's going on the front end of the b2b. Doubt he goes Wed, and who knows if he needs to rest again after resting Wed. Smh.
  12. Tyus Jones 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Just suffered a pretty considerable ankle sprain. Had to be helped off the court.
  13. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    he's back on the bench he's back on the floor as of 7:37 in the 4th.
  14. Kevin Love 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Next season is post asb.
  15. Kevin Durant 2018-19 Season Outlook

    No kidding & also Boogie’s return will most likely be a non event for KD. Nothing about how GS is handling Boogie’s return suggests they’re going to give him considerable run in the reg season. I bet he returns Feb and plays 15-20mpg with plenty of DNP CD’s along the way. Probably won’t be getting 20+ min regularly until fantasy hoops seasons are finished and even then, assuming he’s close to the same player upon his return, he’ll be edging out Looney and Bell and might hurt Draymond a little who will probably just get more of his production running the 2nd unit more often. Anyway ppl are tripping abt Boogies return and LOL abt selling high on KD.