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  1. Wrist injury sapped the power. Calf injury will sap the speed. Even Coors can't save him this season
  2. Holy. Thanks TFraz... says every Luis Castillo owner.
  3. As a Herrera owner, I do like that there's a little competition in town now. Might light a fire under his a**.
  4. At least Roberts latest is somewhat optimistic. I wouldn't be completely surprised if he beats that 4 week timeline. A lot of doom and gloom yesterday for obvious reasons.
  5. Great news, now get this man on the ******** DL please.
  6. Kind of got whipped a little w/ 8HA but no BB so damage was somewhat mitigated. Looked sharp early! Wasn't terribly efficient starting in the 3rd & was pulled early. Understandable given 1st start off of DL. I'll trade 1ER for 5K. Hope he can close out ROS close to what he was doing in 2016.
  7. A bit of good news, fwiw... Edit: Crap nevrmind
  8. Saw the little cross and immediately thought the worst. Apparently he pitched through a respiratory infection today...
  9. Brutal line to leave on the bench but wow, looks like he's ready for ROS.
  10. I swear. Every time I tune in and watch a Desmond AB it results in a groundout to the SS. Can't spell GIDP without ID.
  11. Makes me think he finishing his rehab against major league hitters.
  12. One more nasty start and then we get to see how he fares vs lesser competition. Can't wait to see what he might do vs the Padres. @NYY, @MIA, STL, SD, @CHC, @ATL, PIT
  13. My 2nd best 1B is now outproducing my Rizzo.
  14. Can he lock it down after allowing early damage? This will be a test for him.