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  1. Samaje Perine 2017 Season Outlook

    RE: schedule W12 - Giants atrocious defense seems to be playing to get McAdoodoo fired. Giants should be down 2 scores or more by the half. Washington will pound Perine at them to control the clock. W13 - Nothing scary about the Cowboys w/o Sean Lee. Same thing here. Dallas will struggle to keep up on the scoreboard and gameflow should benefit Perine. W14 - Chargers can be had on the ground and are hard to throw on. Unless LAC gets up big on WAS early, then Perine should see plenty of touches there too. W15 - vs ARI, toughest match-up from a DEF perspective, their rookie SS Budda Baker is the truth. That said the ARI O is unlikely to run away with it. W16 - v Denver who have been a toothless middling stop unit for a while now. Based on the info we have at the moment, the only week I'd hesitate starting him is W15. Otherwise he's an easy FLEX++ start in my opinion.
  2. Devonta Freeman 2017 Season Outlook

    Really just want him full-go in the semis W15 vs TB. If he goes this weekend he's probably on a snap count & would be hard to trust. W13 they get MIN and I wouldn't start any RB vs MIN not named Bell or Gurley.
  3. Evan Engram 2017 Season Outlook

    Hate that the Skins D gets to focus 100% exclusively on Engram now.
  4. Gary Harris 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Love him in a punt pts build b/c he doesn't wreck your %'s or TO and still chips in some STLs.
  5. Stefon Diggs 2017 Outlook

    Diggs killed it in the slot last year too. Unfortunately now he's an outside guy and his QB can't really support the production of >1 WR. It's working for MIN so they've got no reason to change anything either. Bleh.
  6. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    Just rewatched the game, yeah, a ton of ugly throws from Carr to everyone, including Cooper. That Roberts fumble inside the 5 in the 1st half really took a lot of the life out of the offense. Cooper has some good matchups in w 13/14/15 but gonna have to ride the pine vs DEN this weekend.
  7. Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

    hope his eye is okay. he's gonna need to be able to see to find the fantasy bench I'm putting him on indefinitely.
  8. All the damn TO's have him nailed down to the bench for me.
  9. Stefon Diggs 2017 Outlook

    I'm pretty sure he'll have a boom or two in the remaining games, but good luck guessing which games those will be. Keenum got it done today vs the Rams too. He ain't going nowhere...
  10. Nathan Peterman 2017-2018 Outlook

    Was so bummed that my opponent outbid me by $2 on the FaaB in a 12 team 2QB league, and then ran him against me.
  11. 11/19/17 - Redskins @ Saints

    Brees still prettay prettay good at this QB thing.
  12. ok fine, Thielen > Diggs* *with Keenum at QB at least.
  13. Doug Baldwin 2017 Season Outlook

    Did you mean along w/ Landry?
  14. Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

    I'm going wire shopping tonight and returning this dude w/ his broke a** shot to the pile.