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  1. I do that deal without a second thought. Thanks for your help with mine!!!
  2. 2 QB 10 team PPR. I have Ryan, Ben and Garoppolo. I would like to replace Ben with a high upside guy, Bridgewater, D Jones,Winston.Mariota and Rudolph are available. Taking into account talent and team they play for who do you feel has the most upside? Thanks in advance and WHIR
  3. 10 team PPR I have the 3rd waiver claim. Available John Brown, Terry McLaurin, Marquis Brown, John Ross and De Sean Jackson. How do you rate the top 3? Thanks!!! WHIR
  4. I would drop Quinn for Ross. Thanks for the help with mine!!
  5. I have the 8th WW pick and I need to cover the loss of Hill ppr These guys are avail John Brown, Marquies Brown, DeSean Jackson, Amendola, John Ross II. Does that order look rught? Thanks WHIR
  6. Never sit a player like Trout. It can only end badly.
  7. Agree with this. Throw a blanket over the bottom 3. I like King a whole lot.