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  1. Harper trade!!

    H2h points: I give Harper and get Springer and Degrom. My gut is telling me yes.
  2. Kershaw trade!

    What tier of pitcher should I be looking to get? Should I be that confident that this injury isn't going to be a problem all year?
  3. Kershaw trade!

    I've been offered Springer and Garrett Richards for Kershaw...should I take the deal and cut my ties with Kershaw? 10 team h2h points league
  4. Might be moving Trout!

    Pitching seems to be dominating in this h2h points league.
  5. Might be moving Trout!

    It's a h2h points league.
  6. Might be moving Trout!

    Been offered DeGrom and Springer for Trout...should I be looking for more in return?
  7. Big Trout trade!!

    10 team h2h Been offered Bryant and Votto for my Mike Trout..I'm thinking this is the type of offer you accept for Trout, am I wrong??
  8. quick help!!! Fournette or Martin?

    I need this exact question answered myself. I want to play it safe and start Martin, but how do you sit Fournette???
  9. Leonard Fournette 2017 Season Outlook

    If Fournette is a no go and you have no other option besides Ivory/Yeldon, your fantasy day isn't looking all that good. The only viable option on the team is Fournette!!
  10. Leonard Fournette 2017 Season Outlook

    Clearly injured! With my team in a must win situation, Fournette is on my bench. Tough to do, but just can't take the chance of another dud.
  11. Freeman or Kamara Ros?

    Its is standard scoring
  12. Who would you rather have ros, Kamara or Freeman? Have the opportunity to make a trade but have to give up one of the two?
  13. Kamara trade help.

    Haven't updated my profile in some time, but I considering sending Baldwin for Kamara. Other owner wants Baldwin bad!! Would anyone make this move? Are we thinking Kamara is the real deal at this point? My other wr's are Green and Crabtree.
  14. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    What makes everyone so sure he going to lose this appeal? I might be wrong, but haven't the majority of the judges thus far sided with Zeke. If that's the case, this appeal should be looking good for him.