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  1. No contracts, and yes we can keep forever. My team finished 3rd last year.
  2. Bryce Harper, Charlie Blackmon, Trevor Story Andrew Benintendi, Victor Robles
  3. Have the opportunity to get Vlad, but it's going to cost me Javier Baez. League is total points and we keep 6 per year. With that being said do I give up Baez to get Vlad?
  4. Patriots are more than likely going to catch another L...KC could potentially have it wrapped up just in time for fantasy playoffs.
  5. Is anyone worried KC clinches home field, and then begins to rest players like Hill for the playoffs?
  6. I would definitely try and move Miller for Kerryon...not sure if the other owner will bite, but it's worth a shot.
  7. Would anyone give up obj to get K.Allen and Fournette in return??
  8. League is not ppr... does this make this an absolute no??
  9. I have the opportunity to get B.Cooks and McCaffrey for my Hunt...do I make this trade??
  10. I'd be giving up Hunt and getting Tyreek Hill and James White in return.
  11. Would Calvin Ridley be an acceptable player on top of Mixon??
  12. Would anyone consider Obj for Mixon? Current rb's are Gordon, Aaron Jones, L.Miller, T.Cohen and McCoy. Wr's are Obj, Tate, Kupp, A. Robinson.
  13. Would anyone give up Kelce and L.Miller for Tyreek Hill? I want to make this trade so badly, but I hate giving up Kelce....TE position is such a wasteland!
  14. Have the opportunity to get DJ for my cook...should I take it?
  15. Does everyone make an attempt to handcuff key players? I just acquired Dalvin Cook and of course Murray is sitting in free agency. Is Murray a must own at this point? I also have Ekeler rostered because I own Gordon...two roster spots on handcuffs is tough!!
  16. Been offered D.Henry and Aaron Jones for Sanders. I'm thinking this is a win for me?
  17. I have the opportunity to get Kareem Hunt, but the asking price is Rodgers and either Peterson or McCoy. My backup is R.Wilson so I'm really not all that concerned about losing Rodgers....should I make this deal for Hunt or just move on?
  18. Need to trade one for a bat...who has the better rest of season, Cole or Kershaw? H2h scoring.
  19. Does anyone think the Mets will shut him down early considering theres not much to play for?
  20. If I have to pick one, I'd go with Sano...potential is there, just not sure he pans out this year.
  21. I have both Altuve and Albies, and it's time for one to go. I need to fill a void in my outfield and have a verbal agreement with the Kris Bryant owner....he wants one of the two, and I have no clue who to part with, or if Bryant is worth giving up one of my two second baseman.
  22. I have Severino, Paxton, Carlos Martinez, Strasburg, Greinke...
  23. Just got offered Harper for my Kershaw...this is a no brainer, right??? H2h points league.