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  1. What makes everyone so sure he going to lose this appeal? I might be wrong, but haven't the majority of the judges thus far sided with Zeke. If that's the case, this appeal should be looking good for him.
  2. People keep saying its inevitable that Zeke gets suspended. This has been playing out like this all year...He's playing the year out. Hold tight and enjoy the ride!!
  3. www.sbnation.com/2017/10/31/16586550/will-ezekiel-elliott-play-in-week-9-cowboys-suspension-appeal
  4. I'm not a lawyer, but this has to be unethical and grounds for a mistrial...right?
  5. Why is this not gaining any actual traction nationally?
  6. Seriously, what are the chances he appeals and things get held up for a bit?? Is this 100% over at this point??
  7. Is this ruling coming today, or could it drag out for days?
  8. Haven't updated my signature in awhile...the only wr's I have are A.j. Green, Julio, and Josh Doctson. I desperately need some depth.
  9. Been offered Dez and D. Baldwin. I think I'm ok with that offer for Julio, just want to get some opinions before making a decision.
  10. Have the opportunity to get Dez and D. Henry for my Julio...I'm thinking not to shabby considering Julio' s season so far. Do I go for it?
  11. I picked up both Alf and DMC once the Zeke news dropped. Now I need to drop one for some roster space...need a kicker. Who's the drop?
  12. Been offered Julio for my Diggs and Mixon. I know it's a lot to give up, but can a really pass on Julio. Not sure I can trust Diggs for Ros.. thoughts greatly appreciated
  13. Friend of mine just wants some input on a potential trade, I've been screaming yes all day. He's been offered Mike Evans for his Keenan Allen and Desean Jackson.
  14. I know I'm super thin at rb, but I've been offered Julio for my Ty Montgomery...im thinking I go for and just try and survive with Mixon, Doug Martin, and the waiver wire of course....Thoughts???
  15. Does anyone have hope for this guy ROS...aomeone just sent Pryor for my Thielen...i definetely take this, right??
  16. So what's expected recovery time for this injury, are we expecting multiple games?
  17. Does everyone think this start for Diggs is legit, or smoke and mirrors??
  18. Have the opportunity to land Montgomery and Diggs for my Michael Thomas and Gillislee. I'm hurting at rb and this might be a good move. Thoughts are much appreciated.
  19. Been offered TY for my Cousins and Gillislee. I know it's a large price to pay, but I want TY bad!! Will I be able to survive without Cousins? I could probably get the other owner to give me Wentz back in return also. Help is much appreciated.
  20. 1 for Mccaffrey, 1 for Martin....keep em coming!!
  21. I've been offered Martin for my Christian Mccaffrey...im thinking martin could be pretty good when he gets back...at the very least get a ton more touches than Mccaffrey.
  22. My initial offer for Henry was Ingram. I knew the other owner would counter, just wanted to get things in motion. His counter was my Christian Mccaffrey for Henry. I accept this offer, right??