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  1. Was dropped in my 12 team .5 PPR league and I picked him up. I'm here to join the misery.
  2. According to Yahoo they gave that fumble to Goff.
  3. I'm having a tough time deciphering whether Parker or Williams will eat this week vs Wash. Thoughts?
  4. Preston is 2nd in the league with 5 red zone targets. Snap count is high. Getting targets and volume. Fins or not eventually these opportunities will hit. With bye weeks I’m fine using him as a flex since the Dolphins are in catchup mode in every game script. Oh yeah btw he is 6’4
  5. Wentz owners talk to me. I’m having real trouble deciding between Wentz or Stafford.
  6. Holding to see how he does or plug n play?
  7. After debating all week to start Ryan or Goff I stuck with Ryan and he won me my championship. He is also the #2 QB in my league behind Mahomes. Course there’s one more week and that can change but still amazing since he can be had in later rounds during the draft. He can top his MVP 2016 year next week.
  8. Drake in the 3rd. Burkhead in the 6th. Funchess was my WR3 then dropped him week 10.
  9. Was down with only Lockett left and he won me the championship. The best 13th round pick I’ve ever made. He is having a breakout year.
  10. Didn’t even made me feel like I lost OBJ. Infact he is putting up OBJ stats. Will be on my radar next year. Already had an almost 1000 yard season and third year receiver next year with a first round QB that is showing promise and chemistry. WR2 for 2019 but can be had round 6 or 7.
  11. Just won the championship but I wasn’t the Ertz owner. My opponent sat him for Jaylen Samuels in Yahoo league. Had he started Ertz he would have beaten me and won it all. Crazy.
  12. I was a Hunt owner going for a first round bye. Then the fiasco. Then someone dropped Henry week 13. I picked up for depth and people prob laughed at me. Rest is history and he was my MVP to the championship.
  13. He and Henry were my MVPs during the playoffs. Didn’t even draft them. What a year.