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  1. Runs, HR, RBI, SB, Avg, OPS Wins, ERA, K/9, QS, WHIP, Sv+H 10 team, H2H, keep 7, . C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, 4OF, Util 5SP, 2RP, 2P My team is Ramirez, Bryant, Bellinger, Suarez, Mondessi, Realmuto, Nola, Cole, Buehler. Keeping: Ramirez, Bryant, Bellinger, Realmuto, Nola, Cole, Buehler (if you have any thoughts on Realmuto/Suarez keep I'm all ears too). I've been offered my Nola, Buehler, 3rd round pick (24th or something like that) for Benintendi, Bauer, 1st round pick (4th overall). Is it worth it?
  2. With a team of 7 Keepers of: Ramirez, Bryant, Bellinger, Suarez, Gerrit Cole, Nola, Buehler, I'm thinking I need to move Ramirez now for depth to up my overall talent of keepers. I'm talking to an owner who has Betts, Acuna, Bregman, Judge, Stanton, Torres, Andujar, Severino, Kershaw, who said everyone but Betts and Acuna are on the table. Would a Ramirez for Andujar+Bregman/Stanton/Judge be worth it? I'd likely bump Suarez from my keeper list.
  3. Lindor is the better talent, but who knows what that teams goal is right now. But I would still take Lindor over Bellinger.
  4. So I'm in a 10team, h2h, keep 7 R, RBI, HR, SB, AVG, OPS, Wins, ERA, WHIP, K/9, QS, Sv+H C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, 4OF, Util, 5SP, 2RP, 2P, 3BN My team is: Ramirez (2B, 3B), Bryant (3B, OF), Bellinger (1B, OF), Suarez (3B), Mondesi (2B,SS), Aguilar (1B), Haniger (OF), Polluck (OF), Realmuto (C), Donaldson (3B), Posey (C, 1B), Polanco (OF), Buxton (OF), Simmons (SS), Renfroe (OF) Cole (SP), Nola (SP), Buehler (SP), Diaz (RP), Jansen (RP), Osuna (RP), Tanaka (SP), Castillo (SP), Darvish (SP), Ohtani (SP), Lester (SP) Underlined are who I'm guessing are my keepers. But it's not saying much.
  5. How dare I mention fantasy football production right? Shame on me. Of course real life Barkley is better. The team he's on is so bad and he's putting up the same level of production as Gordon.
  6. I'm thinking Melvin Gordon has to be considered on the same level as Barkley.
  7. I traded for Hill, Collins, Allen, and Gronk. Gronk was a nothing pick a few weeks ago (when he was hurt) I got Allen/Collins in a trade for a top pick I traded Mayfield, Lewis, Cooper, Jesse James, for Hill, Carr, Burton, Hyde (I was offered this and thought someone must be hurt coming back my way to be offered Tyreek Hill) Owning M.Gordon I've seen he's practically been Barkley points wise, and in fact Melvin has been better at a per game bases, but if they're equal, moving forward is Barkley the better own? Mahomes, Hill, Thielen, M.Gordon or Mahomes, Hill, Thielen, Barkley as the better set of keepers?
  8. I'm in a 16 team standard league, keep 1-4, I've traded some picks already to go for it this yr. My team is: QB(1): Mahomes, Carr WR(2): Hill, Thielen, K.Allen, J.Gordon, Golladay RB(2): M. Gordon, A.Collins, J.Adams, Gus Edwards TE(1): Gronk, Burton Flex(1): WR/RB/TE options above Barkley has been made available, I've offered the likes of J.Gordon, Golladay and picks for him but they won't touch that. So I'm thinking how much better is Barkley to Melvin Gordon? Is it worth doing a trade of Barkley for M.Gordon+?
  9. It'll take a few weeks for him to learn the playbook and stuff too. If you're like 2-4/2-5, I wouldn't be adding him. He's an add if you're up and can stash him, or you're in a keeper league. It'll be like Josh Gordon in NE, it'll take time for him to be fantasy productive.
  10. It’s crazy how he went undrafted. I love these stories. Top WR draft in 2013: Tavon Austin – 8th DeAndre Hopkins – 27th Cordarrelle Patterson – 29th Justin Hunter – 34th Robert Woods – 41st Aaron Dobson – 59th Terrance Williams – 74th Keenan Allen – 76th Marquise Goodwin – 78th Markus Wheaton – 79th Stedman Bailey – 92nd Way to go Adam! Love the underdog story and those hands and breaks he takes are elite. He’s playing like a 6’2” slot WR who can play everywhere. Such a joy having a guy who you expect to get 17+ every week.
  11. Oh snap. He really broke out into the league but always seemed to be just legging behind the big named TE in fantasy because of injuries. OK, I'll admit the last one was hurtin, give me a break
  12. Because Bell pretty much screwed my year over, I'm going for next yr really. So my keepers are Bell, Jones, Theilen, Howard This trade would turn it to Bell, Fournette, Thielen, and someone?