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  1. PPR 10team keep 5. Start 2RB Do you trade Bell for David Johnson?
  2. Only bench monday nighters if you're up, and the other team is done.
  3. Sounds like they've upgraded from carrier pigeon to texting, maybe by 2050 they'll do some research into "AskJeeves" fantasy site.
  4. I'm take McLaurin before he was hurt. I'd read into the injury before making the deal. Should be interesting the chemistry between him and Hawskins moving forward. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/767642-barkleywentz-for-mahomesgordon/
  5. I like Darrel Williams out of that group, then Singletary
  6. I'd do it. Edelman should be better than he was on sunday
  7. Darrel Williams in 1yr, Singletary is a keeper league Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/767642-barkleywentz-for-mahomesgordon/
  8. My Team is NOT winning this yr. I'm going for next yr. I've already traded Thielen for Marquise Brown+5th round pick 16 team league, Non-PPR. Keep 1-4 players QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex, K, Def Mahomes+Melvin Gordon for Barkley+Wents My team is: QB: Mahomes, Brissett WR: Hill, Maquise Brown, Hardman, Sanu, McLaurin RB: Gordon, Darrel Williams, Malcolm Brown, Henderson, Jackson TE: Boyle Is it good to just trade for Barkley, and end up keeping Barkley, Tyreek Hill, and whatever else?
  9. on pace to get sacked 80times this yr...This guy is becoming Luck every day and he's not as big as Luck.
  10. AB is incredibly smart in football terms. His work ethic is insane. I doubt he has any trouble picking up this playbook, but I def don't think he has it this week. Maybe by week 4 he'll be fully acclimated
  11. As much as I hate the Pats, I think I'll actually have to watch this trainwreck of a possible game. Brady has averaged 23.5completions/35.6attempts. (66.01%). Edelman - 6 catches/game last 13(2seasons) Michel - maybe 1 catch/game White - 5.4catches/game last 17games Gordon - 3.875catches games 5-12 last yr That's 14.275-15.275catches between those 4 guys (depending how you see Michel). That's really only 7-8catches left over based on Tom Brady's average the last 17 games. However, the Patriots are notorious at switching everything based on their toys. I guess AB will get like 4-6 catches once he's a feature in the offence.
  12. 6'6" 280lb of muscle QB, 4th and like an inch. Lets run a wildcat to the sideline. Yeah, Rivera is an idiot. Just go up the middle idiot with your huge QB.