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  1. Which I really don't get. He seems to have all the tools and the body type to be an extremely effective pass catcher out of the back field. I hope they see what I see and start utilizing him more in that area.
  2. I'll be surprised if this doesn't happen.
  3. In your situation I think getting OBJ and Ingram for Fournette and whoever you decide to throw in is pretty good especially considering the Ravens have the awful Bengals this week and you need a win. I wouldn't hesitate to throw in Boyd or Watkins if he wants more than Beasley.
  4. Tough choice Samuels is an easy one if he starts, which seems likely. I think I'd also go with Drake out of those options. He showed a lot in his first game with the Cardinals. Enough I think to warrant the Cardinals coaching staff to continue giving him a lot of touches
  5. So my team can definitely spare the loss of Mack and I can use another receiver. My bigger question is Sutton the best I can get for him or should I try for someone else? I think Sutton would be my WR2 post trade. My other RBs are: CMC Conner/Samuels Montgomery Singletary Drake My WRs: Evans Juju Smokey Brown Corey Davis Crowder Again WHIR
  6. Sunken cost fallacy. Allen isn't a must start this year no matter who the opponent is, 6 mediocre weeks in a row has proven that. It's quite possible a lot of fantasy teams out there have better options than Allen
  7. Trey Edmunds had 77 yards on 12 carries so it clearly wasn't the line.
  8. His o-line died and there are so many mouths to feed on that Chargers offense.
  9. I’m not starting Juju this week because of Ramsey. However, this is potentially the last week he doesn’t start for me as he has some really nice matchups coming up. Browns x2, Bengals, Cardinals, and Jets.
  10. If you can buy him now you'll be happy. Big games coming up.
  11. Fire up your Samuels, boys, its cuffing season!