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  1. I've got a 20-team dynasty league that we'll be running on ESPN. Won't be a slow draft, but will be league wide free agency (similar to an auction draft). Free. Check it out if you're interested: giveandgo.proboards.com.
  2. Starting a new 20-team dynasty league, and looking for 8-9 more owners. Here is a quick overview: -No franchise players or expansion draft -Every player is a free agent (revival summer only) -20 players will be open for bidding at a time (revival summer only) -No mods -Have one owner oversee the trade board -Have one owner oversee the FA board -Have one owner oversee the Waiver board -Have one owner oversee each division audit -Trades will require 7 yes or no votes to approve/deny -Re-signs will require simple majority for approval -Max years on contracts is 3 -1 re-sign every 3 years Lineups will be as follows: G G F F F/C UTL UTL BE BE BE IR IR Essentially, it's a dynasty league with an auction draft kicking us off. If you're interested, head to giveandgo.proboards.com and sign up. Or leave your email, and I will get in touch with next steps.