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  1. 2 teams on byes. First team is 18/58 (310), with 11 runs, 6hrs, and 13 rbis Second team is 18/56 (.321), with 8 runs, 3hrs, and 8rbis. Pitching on this team has 20inn, 27k, 1.77 ERA, .93Whip with 2QS You just know that next week both teams will go into the tank
  2. Stupid Cash. Just had to give Lowe 4 ABs and he goes 0-4.
  3. Marlins got Jazz Chisholm (SS) who was the Diamondbacks #1 prospect. Was a good trade for both as the Marlins had an abundance of young arms close to MLB ready and a lack of organizational bats in the minors.
  4. Quantril, Civale, Desclafani, Wainwright, Montgomery, Roark, and Foltyinewicz. Semis start tomorrow and last for two weeks.
  5. Keep 4, no penalty, 10 standard ESPN settings for positions (MI, CI, 5OFs, UT) Realmuto Yuli Gurriel Kelston Hiura Trevor Story Rafael Devers Peter Alonso Bo Bichette Rys Hopkins Victor Robles Bryce Harper Jose Ramirez
  6. Or it could he has never played over a 100 games in a professional season, at 97 app right now, and the Dodgers do want to keep him semi rested for the last month of the season and playoffs. But more likely the Dodgers are sitting him just to **** with your fantasy team.
  7. Playoffs start next week and I think he has a two start week. At this stage of the year you take what you can get.
  8. Is any pitcher, in Coors, exciting whether in the playoffs or not?
  9. [...] Last season 2 trips to the DL, seemed to be shut down in Spring training, loss of velo this early reg season, and now this. In a keeper league depending on off season news he becomes an easy decision not to keep. Dynasty he is a hold no matter what the news
  10. 15 total hits and 10 were HRs between the two teams before I fell asleep in the ninth inning.
  11. Alonso with a 3 run shot in the top of the first. Cool story but doncha just love on a short day your team's first two ABs is a grand slam and then a 3 run shot
  12. By the Dodgers announcers Kenley had asked to be worked more regularly. To many blowouts and he wants more work.