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  1. The public leagues Yahoo acts as the Commissioner. Doesn't matter how many "simpletons" vote for a veto if Yahoo thinks the trade is to lopsided the trade doesn't go through. Or maybe that is just the Pro leagues.
  2. AT7 T park opened in the year 2000. He also owns the record for balls hit into McCovey CoveI I believe.
  3. If there is a strike there aren't baseball games. Without baseball games the won't be fantasy baseball.
  4. That was the most fun way of playing fantasy baseball I have found through the years. The strategy was out of this world and the worst feeling was being out of trades when he started hemorrhaging money. That .64 a day was a killer in the middle of the season.
  5. What role do the GMs themselves ply in dragging out the process? January seems a little late to be having face to face meetings and then not even making an offer at the time.
  6. Jimmy Nelson in deeper leagues.
  7. Sorry thought people said he signed with the Braves and I knew that the Rangers were rumored going after him for third base.
  8. A clubhouse leader? When the Mets brought up Rosario to play SS Cabrera DEMANDED a trade because he wasn't going to play 2nd base. Last year I imagine he saw his playing time with McNeal becoming nonexistent in what was the start of a youth movement under the old management and started demanding again. The Mets obliged this time and off he trotted to play for the Phillies. Think it is more likely he overplayed his hand and took what was left. All conjecture but he did demand a trade when moved to 2nd base with the Mets. The only way he plays for the Braves is an injury to at least two players. No matter how well he does in ST does anyone expect him to play over Donaldson Swanson, Albies, or Freeman? Even as a utility infielder Carmargo will rank over him. In my opinion, Cabrera better get used to bus rides in AAA as he has become an inexpensive backup for injuries or a trade chip at the deadline.
  9. Spring training means what though? Flaherty makes the Cardinals rotation last year no matter what he does in Spring Training so spends more time working on his pitches than worrying about the results of one batter in a meaningless game. Think the Blue Jays promote him as soon as possible this year. Gaining a year of control is just smart business though. That extra year holds more value in real life.
  10. Depending on how the contract was worded even giving back the money may not be enough. You could be sued for breach of contract which would be the money + punitive damages. How a judge would determine what the value of a top ten pick is beyond me. The first part though is the wording. IF it contains the clause the As give me x amount of dollars and then I forgo a professional football career. I am not a lawyer but I think he loses in a civil lawsuit.
  11. That wasn't his first ten year contract though that you refer to. The one signed with the Yankees was a terrible contract.
  12. ARods first ten year deal was signed with Texas and for Texas and its ability to pay it the contract was a mistake even though Arod played very good for the three years he was with Texas. The Yankees got Arod for seven of those years for a 179m with Texas including 67m. So essentially the Yankees got Arod for 7/112m. Boston had a deal in place that the players union objected to the financial terms and so Arod became a Yankee.