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  1. Guess it deals more with what the word "max" means to you. Think the best way of stopping streaming is just limiting the number of moves per season with deeper benches.
  2. There are no start/innings limits in Roto. The day you go over the max just load up on starters that day and they all count. Say on that day you have 1499 (max 1500) innings on the year and you start 9 pitchers and for the day they accumulate another 63 innings. For the season you have 1562 innings and they all count. A glitch in the software as it doesn't know exactly when that last inning is completed so it will count everything. Same for H02H on a weekly basis. Sub in starts instead of innings and the principle is the same. Part of playing with limits and to some it is a good strategy for others it is a cheap way of getting around limits. It can blow up in your face but that is your gamble for circumventing the settings for max limits.
  3. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    The Salary Cap rules will need to be redone or at least the penalties reduced for going over it multiple times. Say the Yankees have been over for three straight years want to sign Harper for 30m for just one year the cost would actually 42m. You also lose draft choices depending on how often and how much you go over. This why you see salary dumps by teams, ie the Dodgers trading Puig/Kemp, the Yankees wanting (rumored) to trade Stanton just to get back under the Cap. It has little to do with getting a bigger share of revenues.
  4. Keep 4 Help

    Ten team ESPN standard positions (5 OF, MI, CI). Keep 4 forever with no inflation or round penalties. No draft pick trading. 23 Players per team Gary Sanchez Rhys Hoskins Ozzie Albies Jonathon Villar Trevor Story Bryce Harper Giancarlo Stanton Miguel Andujar Max Muncy No pitchers are worth keeping. Won the league last year so will have the 10th pick.
  5. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    Heard on the MLB network 7 years and between 175-210m. Not close to what he was, and us, were expecting the total deal to be both in years and average per year.
  6. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    Cano/Diaz for the next couple of years cost about 29m once you subtract Bruce's contract and the 20m the Ms gave. It added to the bullpen and helped relieve the outfield logjam or would you rather an OF of Conforto in CF and Bruce in RF? The Mets have the most dominant pitching in the division and it isn't close. All the signings since then have been about adding MLB players for depth which they sorely lacked. The division is winnable and so far all it cost was a prospect that may or may not be good sometime in the future. Cash they finally had with Wright retiring and they spent it trying to put together a team to take advantage of what their strength is.
  7. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Teixeira wasn't worth it in the long run. The draft pick they lost turned out to be Trout if I remembered right.
  8. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Thought it was the owner, not the GM.
  9. Luka Dončić 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    ADP was 92 and I drafted him at pick 90 in a 12 team standard. He is 66 currently. I think it was one of my better draft picks.
  10. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    That part was my fault as I wondered if any team had results signing a player to a long term (10 years) and how it related to current team construction. I couldn't think of any so I asked.
  11. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Davis's contract was a bad management decision and bad because the player never lived up to any part of it.
  12. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Aren't the two intertwined especially now? The penalties from exceeding the Salary Cap are cumulative. Boston will be finding this out. Loss of draft choices and a depleted farm system at a start. Arbitration eligible players coming up and Mookie getting 30m+ for his final year. Mookie in his final year of arbitration gets compared to Arenado's 30m. The arbitration system isn't perfect but one of the problems with it is star players having the arb years bought out. The comparison bar for arbitration doesn't get raised for all players. Security is nice but it stagnates the system.
  13. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    To me, this would be funny if Machado signed with the Phillies leaving the White Sox with his brother-in-law, Jay, and his ex-third base coach from the BLT days.
  14. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    Whatever your projection really is immaterial. The statement was he was a 2-3 WAR player during his time in Seattle. You gave credit to McNeil for almost a 3 WAR last season while playing a third of the season but discount Cano with a 3.2 in half a season Last year he wasn't hurt he was suspended. Not counting last year Cano played 624 games out of 628 so the playing half a season seems far fetched. But if you want outliers look at Harpers career WAR by year.
  15. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    Out if Right there.