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  1. One year in a keep 4 I had the choice between Madbum and Machado as my last keeper. Dropped Madbum a week before the draft and another manager immediately picked him up. Turned into quite the mess when he learned league rules where no FA when the season ends till after the draft. Quite often in smaller keeper leagues, the cutdown includes players that other teams would want. Just read the Bench Coach with people asking who their the final keeper should be.
  2. J.D. Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Does seem strange that you take the physical Tuesday (?) and three days and counting and the results still aren't known.
  3. Jharel Cotton 2018 Outlook

    Was there anything in his peripherals that suggested the fall off from 2015 to 2016? If so why didn't people pick up on that? Then were there signs that he would bounce back last year that fooled people? I am not drafting him as I couldn't figure out a round where I was confident enough that he would provide value for that round.
  4. Aaron Nola 2018 Outlook

    So then you are going to be drafting two pitchers in the first six picks. From the few mocks, I have done both Kershaw and Scherzer are going first round with Sale and Kluber have gone before mid third. The draft is deep but you lose a lot of value in my opinion with that much pitching so early. But we are wandering into strategy now.
  5. Aaron Nola 2018 Outlook

    So you are advocating taking 2 pitchers in your first 6 picks if everything falls right?
  6. Aaron Nola 2018 Outlook

    Don't really like streaming in 12+ leagues personally. Must have been lucky as I did lose Nola, Castillo, and Price. But Nola had been the target that I really wanted.
  7. Aaron Nola 2018 Outlook

    The bad part of mocks is you get used to a certain player at a certain point in your drafts. What if you do offense in your first five picks and you get sniped on Nola, Price, and whomever. Just did a Yahoo Pro and 8 picks sniped one pick ahead of me. Sorry a** team now 😂
  8. 2/23 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Max Stassi with a 2 run shot.
  9. 9th Inning Rule Being Floated

    When I was 12 and the Twins faced the Dodgers in the WS all games were afternoon games so unless they were weekend games no kids watched any of them. I can't remember if any teacher even brought a radio in to listen to the games but doubt it. Even if the games were still on when getting home from school doubt watched them anyway as being outside and playing would have been more important. Can remember wishing all games were played on Saturday not so much so I could watch them but Koufax couldn't because of being Jewish.
  10. Tampa Bay Rays 2018 Outlook

    Not being snarky but what is the difference between Tampa Bay and how Oakland treats players and salaries. For all the props Beane gets they are constantly in a rebuilding stage.
  11. 9th Inning Rule Being Floated

    Starting games at 6-7pm Eastern would be a 3-4pm start on the West Coast when most people are still at work and kids would either still be in school or on the way home. Don't see a huge advantage then as you still leave a big part of the population out of watching the game.
  12. 9th Inning Rule Being Floated

    Wouldn't it actually slow the game down with more RP brought in because of specialization?
  13. J.D. Martinez 2018 Outlook

    JD also gets a limited no-trade clause as part of the contract.
  14. What site is being used for positions? To start the year (2018) Yahoo has him listed as just utility. Depending on site for qualifying for a position you could be going a long time looking for that second catcher. Roster Resource has Perez as opening day catcher and Gomes as the backup.
  15. The worst draft room has to be ESPN by far. Hard to use with a mouse and close to impossible with a touchscreen.