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  1. Got a Free Opening in a 20 Team H2H League. Roster and Basic info is listed below. If interested or need more information you can send me a direct email at League: Franchise Baseball Team: Vacant Team Record: 56 - 91 - 9 Standing: 19th/20th Place Keep: 25 Draft Picks: Owns 1st Round - Currently Projected for #2 Overall - Traded 2nd Round PickC - M. Stassi1B - L. Morrison2B - I. Kinsler3B - M. DavidsonSS - K. HernandezLF - D. DeshieldsCF - A. PollockRF - S. ChooUT - B. DozierBN - L. Forsythe, S. Kieboom, J. Panik, J. Dyson, J. BradleyDL - R. Zimmerman, W. FloresNA - T. Stephenson, Y. Chang, K. Hayes, J. Siri, C. TuckerSP - T. Richards, K. Hendricks, H. Santiago, M. Leake, M. ScherzerRP - T. Hildenberger, P. Strop, A. Lewicki, Z. DukeP - E. Pagan, T. Watson, A. ReedBN - C. Martin, A. Swarzak, J. Leclerec, R. HillDL - J. Vargas, D. Norris, C. ReaNA - C. Ferguson, J. Sheffield (LAD), A. Puk, S. Baez, N. Pearson
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  3. Have a Free 20 Team Yahoo H2H League with a Opening. VERY Active League where we keep 25 Players. We incorporate MLB Free Agency in this League where players entering MLB FA in real time (Harper/Machado) will enter our Auctions during the off-season where each team will have a chance at signing them. Your team would have the 2nd Highest in Cap Spending this Off-Season and your team has pieces to build for the future. Jon Lucroy and Bud Norris are FA at end of the season so you would have the ability to trade them in season and enter in FA Negotiations with them end of the season. If interested or want more information send me a direct email at Don't waste our time with a email saying ill take the team be more detailed about you as a GM and give a little background. Great Year Round league with baseball junkies. League: MLB Salary Cap Team: Cleveland Spiders Record: 44 - 67 - 9 Standing: 15th/20th Place Keep: 25 Draft Picks: Traded 2nd Round Notes: Salary Cap Based League where MLB Free Agents Real time enter Auctions where each team will be able to sign. C - J. Lucroy1B - M. Carpenter2B - D. Dietrich3B - E. SuarezSS - J. CamargoLF - T. PhamCF - L. CainRF - S. PiscottyUT - D. Fowler (OAK)BN - D. Fowler (STL), L. Martin, L. Wong, H. Bader, C. Kelly, F. ReyesDL - Y. MolinaNA - M. Sierra, J. Adell, L. RobertySP - L. Weaver, M. Montgomery, B. Colon, B. Norris, M. WachaRP - H. Rondon, S. Romo, J. Blevins, T. GlasnowP - M. Leake, A. Reyes, N. EovaldiBN - S. Gonsalves, T. Toussaint, C. PerezDL - G. Holland, J. Ramirez, R. Delgado, M. Pineda NA - A. Mejia, E. Fedde, S. Alcantara, D. Hudson, B. Burrows, H. Harvey
  4. Got a Free Yahoo H2H League Opening. League is 20 Teams and all 19 owners are active. This team is being posted as the previous GM has stopped setting lineups (June 1st) Team would need patience and might be best to build for the future. If interested or need more info send me a direct email at League: Dynasty Baseball 2.0Team: Mizzou Red BirdsRecord: 4 - 6 - 0Standing: 16th/20th PlaceKeep: 25Draft Picks: Traded 4th RoundC - L. Maile1B - Y. Alonso2B - E. Nunez3B - J. TurnerSS - M. SemienLF - D. SpanCF - O. HerreraRF - S. ScheblerUT - K. DavisBN - Y. Molina, N. Ahmed, D. Freese, C. Granderson, D. Pedrioa, J. BuatistaDL - W. Myers, A. Eaton, J. ReddickNA - A. ReedSP - T. Roark, M. Leake, A. Triggs, J. Garcia (MIA), EmptyRP - M. Feliz, J. McGee, G. Holland, N. JonesP - J. Hader, P. Strop, Z. DukeBN - A. SwarzakDL - E. Santana, I. NovaNA - B. Finnegan, R. Scott
  5. I got a Free Yahoo 20 Team H2H Dynasty Salary Cap league opening. We incorporate NFL Free agency with our keepers and have spreadsheeets for roster tracking. If interested or want more in depth info send me a direct email at League: NFL Salary Cap Team: Oakland Raiders Record: 6 - 7- 0 Standing: 13/20th Place Keep: 25 Players Draft Picks: Owns 8th Overall in Each Round Notes: This is a Salary Cap League. Players are won in the Auction using a easy to understand Salary and Yearly contract breakdown. Teams are allowed to have up to $200 Worth of Salaries at the moment this team has $182.60 in Salaries with $17.40 in Spending. However if you released AP, Benjamin, Fleener, Daniels, Sheard, Orakpo and Timmons you would create over $60 in Salary Savings. Notable Players in the FA Auction are L. Bell, D. Hopkins, D. Freeman, J. McKinnon, A. Jeffery, A. Robinson, L. Fitzgerald, J. Landry, R. Burkhead, D. Lewis, Jimmy G, K. Cousins, C. Thompson, I. Crowell, S. Watkins, T. Cohen, C. Hyde, R. Anderson, T. Burton, N. Agholor, J. Doyle, M. Lee, D. Carr, C. Brate, C. Clay, C. Keenum QB (1) - P. Rivers $23, M. Trubisky $1QB Total - $24WR (3) - A. Cooper $1, M. Crabtree $7, K. Allen $29, T. Benjamin $5.8WR Total - $42.8RB (2) - A. Peterson $22, M. Lynch $33, A. Abdullah $1, J. Richard $1RB Total - $57TE (2) - J. Cook $5, C. Fleener $6.3TE Total - $11.3W/R/T (3)K (1) - G. Zuerlin $2.1K Total - $2.1DEF (1) - Oakland, DallasDEF Total - No ChargeDB (4) - K. Joseph $1.5, G. Conley $1DB Total - $2.5DL (3) - K. Mack $13.8, M. Daniels $6.3, M. Edwards $1.3, S. Thomas $1.7DL Total - $23.1LB (3)- J. Sheard $7.0, B. Orakpo $7.3, L. Timmons $5.5LB Total - $19.8
  6. Got a opening in a 20 Team H2H Yahoo League. Very Active League and we incorporate FA with our 25 Keepers. Players entering FA in MLB real time will enter in Auctions during the Off-Season where each team in the League will be able to have a chance at signing Machado and Harper. If interested or need more info send me a direct email at League: MLB Salary Cap Team: Tulsa Drillers Record: 36 - 54 - 6 Standing: 15th/20th Place Keep: 25 Draft Picks: Traded 2nd Round Pick Salary Cap Available: $199 (4th Highest in Spending Money for 2019) Notes: This is a Salary Cap Based League. Players entering Free Agency in real time (Harper, Machado) will enter Auctions where each team will be able to have a chance at signing them. FA Status is determined by MLB ContractsC - T. Barnhart1B - J. Aguilar2B - B. Miller3B - M. FrancoSS - M. SemienLF - R. GrichukCF - EmptyRF - C. GomezUT - T. AustinBN - C. Walker, M. ChavisDL - F. Cordero, M. Cabrera (DET), B. McKinneyNA - A. Hays, K. Broxton, J. Mateo, J. Bauers, C. RaySP - A. Sanchez (TOR), M. Mikolas, Y. Darvish, M. Estrada, J. HappRP - J. Nicasio, J. Jimenez, M. Feliz, H. StricklandP - F. Rodney, T. Guerrero, T. HunterBN - S. Gaviglio, R. Yarbrough, D. Holland, H. Bailey, B. Woodruff, J. De Leon, J. CottonDL - J. RossNA - B. Honeywell, L. Ortiz, H. Greene, F. Perez, D. Paulino
  7. Free Yahoo Dynasty League (Roster Inside)

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