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  1. Just saw your thread on him, my bad man.
  2. Current Pirates SS #4 prospect on MLB list but #1 in my heart. I am a huge sucker for upside and at 6'7 with 80 grade raw power, I believe he might have a little. Scouts are understandably pegging him as a future OF or 1B but from what I read Pittsburgh will give him every opportunity to stick at SS which would be a rare sight to behold in real life and fantasy however small his chances are. Also has an 80 grade rocket for an arm so the OF would make a lot of sense to best utilize it. Also has an 80 grade name that screams future star to me. He's a wiry framed kid but at 6'7 is already showing monster power with tons of projectability left as he matures. Put on a really impressive showing at A ball last year having just turned 20 years old batting .286 with 14 HR, 22% K rate (down from around 30%) in 400 ABs. Oh did I mention he has some speed as well? Nabbed 11 SB last year. You can't predict him for a ton of steals as he grows but that sort of athleticism for his size is still plenty impressive. The power outcome possibilities for him are seemingly endless. The hope is he continues to progress and show off that power in the minors this year but I would take a shot on him now before that happens because if it does, he will skyrocket up prospect lists. Have to mention the risk is also sky high here but any player who carries the names of "unicorn" and "freak of nature" is definitely worth the squeeze.
  3. I've never been this excited for a Met since not once ever. Feels weird.
  4. Nice day today 2-4 2B, HR, 4 RBIs
  5. Got hit in the elbow but with his history he should be A-OK πŸ‘Œ
  6. Stephen Piscotty, the guy no one wants to pick in drafts all over the world because he's boring. Well, I see you Piscotty and I will bump your thread πŸ‘ May your silent production take me all the way to the chip 🍻
  7. Hampson owners to McMan right now
  8. Birdy bomb. Scooped him just to be safe.
  9. McMahon's at 2B, the position they're battling forπŸ‘Ž
  10. He will beat out Franmil like McMahon did Hampson!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. Pass me the Franch dressing. This guy has some of the loudest tools in the game right now along with an 80 grade name. He was part of the elite 115+ mph exit velo club last year and also hit one of the longest HRs of the year - 489ft. Fangraphs rates both his raw power and speed as 70s. The problem as above posters have mentioned is playing time... but as an end of the draft stash, I'm taking him all day in the hopes that he gets his shot especially with Jankowski going down. His plate discipline numbers were not good in 2017 but last year with slightly more playing time he showed improvements across the board. Made more contact, chased less pitches out of the zone, turned more ground balls into line drives, improved his walk rate from 6% to 9%, and brought down a ridiculous K% from 44% to 35%. In the minors his K rate hovered in the 20s so it's not out of the question he gets there with more playing time. He still has a lot of work to do but the important part is that he's shown improvement with more exposure at age 24. Love this kid and really hope he gets a shot to play this year so we can see more of his drool worthy fantasy upside. The Franchise!! 🀀
  12. Really seeing a career year for him if he stays healthy man