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  1. If you have the bench room, there is no risk and all potential reward for picking him up. Let's put it this way, I'd rather wait and see what he does on my bench than Buck Allen.
  2. Agreed on tempering expectations, but I think the excitement (and why I held on to him for this very last week) is that the dude is a legit playmaker. This isn't a case of simply getting volume points, next man up thing, if he gets the ball in open space, he's a threat every I'd like to see a couple more weeks of decent production, but he has a pretty nice potential ceiling.
  3. There are a lot of us who were just trying to have a conversation about Adams as a speculative add, but we've been instructed that we should save our typing for only guys who will be bellcows who are guaranteed 75 touches a game.
  4. Again, no one is saying this dude is an RB1, ffs, but he is absolutely rosterable and potentially startable - he is the back to own right now out of PHI. And sorry, Peyton Barber and Courtland Sutton haven't been available for a couple of weeks in my leagues, so I guess mine are better. What I see is the apocalypse of Ito Smith, Kapri Bibbs, etc.
  5. Who available is head and shoulders better than this guy - especially as a free agent pickup? I'd like to play in your leagues if those guys exist.
  6. This is where I am....this is the week we should see an uptick in usage. If not, then he's eminently droppable (unless you also own Chubb and need a cuff).
  7. Right? I like how the barometer is always a RB1, WR1, etc. There are a handful of those guys, if someone is capped at RB2/Flex, that means he's a consistent starter....that's pretty good!
  8. Yeah, hard to see this as anything but a net positive for Ertz...he's Wentz's favorite target and security blanket, especially in the red him less coverage is good.
  9. Doubtful - Jameis is a huge upgrade over the one-legged zombie they are rolling out there right now.
  10. Brady coming after Bill through the media? You think Bill wouldn't take an L to Miami by giving Sony the rock 35 times to bitchslap Brady? I mean he already kicked his dumbass voodoo trainer out of the clubhouse. If anything, I think Brady's comments just gave Sony more carries.