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  1. Thanks Brock. That’s in the back of my head too. I usually target as many sleeper pitchers as I can. Last year it was Godley who didn’t pan out. I might go that route again and finally cut ties with Stras
  2. 12 team keeper league h2h and we keep 10. I’m loaded on offense and have Sale and Snell as keepers for sure. I’m resisting keeping Strasburg over one of my offensive players bc I’ve owned him since his start and as most know, that’s painful. Anyone think he’ll throw 200 innings this year?
  3. But also give me an opt-out clause so I can either get more money somewhere else if I'm really good at baseball, or I can keep collecting your money if I suck at baseball
  4. At this point he should be worrying about living for at least 5 more years. With the grasp this crap has on him, it's only a matter of time. Hope for the best, but commish needs to just end it and put the lifetime ban down with 100% no chance of reinstatement.
  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's this talk about Mets and trainers?
  6. Uh I'd say so. The only thing Mookie was behind those two on was height
  7. Altuve will still only be 29. He had a knee injury in 2018 (first time in career on the DL) so it's not like the speed just disappeared. I'll likely be targeting him because he'll be undervalued. As much as he hits, there will always be a lot of chances for SB.
  8. I'll find out if Dr. Andrew's has a slot reserved for him
  9. Soto could be another steal in the 2nd/3rd round. With 650 PA, he could put up Harper-like stats while also carrying a good BA.
  10. Yelich is still in the running for the Triple Crown, right? Funny the other two guys he's behind also play today.
  11. Award winner - Baez actual .291/34/111/101/21 Glanced through the rest of this thread and aside from the Yelich first round value predictions, it's a dumpster fire. I apologize if I missed any other diamonds in the rough.
  12. I would go with Mookie, Freeman, Bregman, Soto, Vlad. Jr., Snell, Bauer, Nola, Conforto Maybe offer up Kershaw/Soto for Trout or JRam
  13. Thinking about trading these guys for a paper clip and some pocket lint. Any takers? #thanksforlosingmyseason
  14. A lot of stats about the team change, but isn't this just standard Evin Gausman post-all star break we're seeing, without the K's? See what I did there