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  1. Mookie trying for yet another 3 hr game. Would tie the mlb record for most in a career
  2. 1998 NL MVP voting 5th Craig Biggio 13th Vlad Guerrero 21st Dante Bichette As difficult it is for any person to make an MLB roster, for the sons of all three of these guys to make their debut on the same team in the same year seems to be more rare than getting struck by lightning when you've just scratched a $1M lottery ticket.
  3. And that my friends is 20 games at SS and another year of ESPN eligibility. Stay glassy Correa
  4. Welcome to the annual countdown of Bregman earning another year of SS eligibility! Thank you Carlos Tulo-Correa!
  5. Engineers working on it. What a load of crock yahoo. This isn’t rocket science and there’s already a player to use as the basis. Have the “engineers” just add him. My god
  6. May 18th and still hitting .400, pretty good these days
  7. I was only saying I think it’s more likely than unlikely. I’m not throwing numbers around.
  8. After the Acuna and Jimenez contracts setting new precedents, I think there’s higher than 30%. The Rays have a solid team and will be hard pushed to put out their best lineup sooner rather than later.
  9. They will have to lay-off an entire department who managed “the decision”
  10. But the Raptors play in Toronto on Saturday. Are the Blue Jays ok with the reduced hype for day two of his career? Should they reconsider?
  11. 77 pages, end of an era 😢😂 See ya in the big leagues
  12. ESPN writes a story on him to promote Wednesday night baseball and they hold him out of the lineup
  13. Lol the ole trick of boosting ticket sales based on the hype of a call up only to be disappointed and re-sold on Stub hub
  14. Surprised not to find a thread for this first round pick. So far in 2019 he has three outings where he’s allowed one hit. Also only one walk in 26 IP with nearly a K per inning. Granted it’s only A ball, but this could escalate his rise.
  15. Jays continue to mishandle. If he can’t get consistent Buffalo games in to test health then send him to New Hampshire. He doesn’t need to prove skill.