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  1. He will be a FA next year. I wouldn't make much sense for them since they are in rebuild mode and can get their QB next offseason. Kirk, Jimmy, A.J. along with the new guys in the '18 draft.
  2. I think this is a very good move for both he and the Giants. The outside WRs are going to require a lot of attention from the defense. He profiles more of a WR than a traditional TE, so I think he will be able to do some damage in the middle and out routes. I see this as the Giants playing to their strength on offense. Also keep in mind that the Giants offense targets their TEs with a 19% share the last 3 years. Sneaky flier if you ask me.
  3. For me personally, there is only 1 answer to this question. Drew Brees. When I think of safe, I look for ceiling, floor and time and availability. Now some of the RBs posted have done very well the past year or so. Not a very big sample size. LeVeon is the most dependable, but his availability is a huge question. David Johnson has done it for 1.5 years and Zeke will be a sophomore next year. These are certainly studs, but not they don't meet the time standard. This brings me to Drew Brees. Just take his last 4 years in the league (we can go even further, which sheds even more light on his consistency). He has had no less than 4870 yards and 33 total TDs. For me, I do not take whether a player reached "top 10/12/20/24" for a week. Why? Because that changes every week what that point value is. Besides, we all know that we get fluke players in those top scoring positions that were either on peoples' benches or not even on a roster. I break it down into 4 categories of a D(15-), C(15-20), B(20-25), A(25+) games. Now these point totals can go be changed per you own league settings, this is just my own. So in saying that, the past 4 years (63 games played) Brees has finished with an A or B 70% of the time. That is an incredible ceiling, with a 13% share of D games. This means he is not out there killing your weekly score often at all. This is the type of player I think of when talking about safest stud. For comparison, Aaron Rodgers past 4 years, has an A or B game 72% of the time, but a D game 18% of the time. He has also had a high of 4428 yards. The TDs per game are fairly close with Brees at 2.35 TDs per game and Rodgers at 2.33.
  4. NC Jersey aside, great news he is practicing again. They are likely playing it safe to avoid any unnecessary contact during practice. Great matchup this weekend, with very likely he plays. Set him in your lineups and reap the rewards.
  5. Last week I dealt DeAndre Washington and Charles Sims for Jeremy Maclin. My team strength was RB depth and his was WR depth. So this deal (would have) worked out for the both of us. This was right after the news broke that Latavius was most likely not playing and that Washington was the hot pick up. Unfortunately for him, Sims was put on IR.
  6. I am without hesitation starting this beast this weekend. They are 2-2, facing division rival Raiders, who are 4-1. I feel confident we can ignore Reids' "we will see" talk and Charles will be getting a full workload. They need to keep pace in their division, Charles is their best weapon to achieve that.
  7. I am not a fan of the WRs, Austin would be the choice if you are leaning WR.
  8. I actually think I would do this. Landry soaks up the team targets and Baldwin is Wilsons' guy. Steve Smith always fades later in the year. I actually think you win out on every position in this deal. Crowell and CJ are close, but not much. Also... Hue always has a top 15 RB when he coaches.
  9. I would not do this deal at all. Howard has the looks of a feature back for the Bears and Diggs is still a solid WR and Cobb may turn it around. I would stay put.
  10. If murray is out, play Washington, if Royal is healthy play him as well. Dorsett will be the next on my list as he may get another deep pass.
  11. Yes hopefully he does get back on track. The Giants have not been good against slot WRs, they are vulnerable in the middle and are also dealing with injuries. This is now or never for Cobb I believe.
  12. Would not make this deal. As other have laid out, not a good deal straight up. If you could get a RB as well, I would take it.
  13. On the surface I would make this deal in a heartbeat. Looking at it further, it really does leave you thin at RB. You already have a nice set of WRs, and D-Hop has not been as advertised. I would hold tight on this one. Thanks for mine.
  14. Tough call. I would lean towards Enunwa because he has been getting a steady workload, that will only increase with Deckers injury. We still don't know how the RB situation will shake out in OAK. Depending on Deckers injury, I would again side with Enunwa. OAK backfield is a true RBBC, with not 2, but 3 guys.
  15. Thanks, and honestly that is my thought process as well. He doesn't a too strong of a lineup, but he did have Larry Fitz last night, to my Carlos Hyde. He has 2 players I am worried about, in Big Ben and LeVeon. Right now I have Cobb and Williams.