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  1. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    While the 49ers have not yet won a game, they keep their games competitive. Aside from the first game of the season, all their games have been decided by 3 points or less. I feel like they can keep it somewhat competitive where we won't have to worry about that at all.
  2. Alex Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Yea I was the one that said about starting Kirk over him. Reason for that being, over the past 3 weeks Kirk has hit a hot streak. He has always started off slow. Alex Smith is a great play this week, there is no doubting that as I said he will be a good QB1 with a solid floor, to the point you made above. These are the stats of the two the past 3 weeks, Smith is averaging 287 PYDs per game with a total of 5 passing TDs with a rushing score. He has also had 88 RYDs the past 3 weeks, but that includes a 56 yard game with the other 2 being 19 and 13 respectively. In comparison, Kirk has averaged 305 yards PYDs per game with a total of 7 passing TDs (with 1 INT), also with a rushing score. Kirk also had 3 TDs in 2 of those games with 2 in the other. So it isn't that farfetched to start Kirk over him by just looking at total year numbers. Hope this helped.
  3. Alex Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    I really like him tonight, but I am going to be siding with Kirk Cousins this week instead. I still think he has a great floor and should be a QB1 this week.
  4. Dez Bryant 2017 Season Outlook

    Just traded for this beast. Really looking forward to having him going forward. Interesting note for going back to last year. In his last 16 games with Dak, he has 13 TDs. That goes right along with his career averages for a season prior to getting busted up in 2015.
  5. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    I have seen a few people asking about the Bills. If they are available, grab them. They face either a hurt Winston this week, or his replacement, a turnover prone Fitzpatrick. At Home. Then they play the Raiders at home, then at the Jets. That is a solid 3 week stretch where you will not have to worry about your defense. I picked them up this morning.
  6. Demaryius Thomas 2017 Season Outlook

    I was able to sell him this past week. It is true some people still hold onto his name value. It will likely take a 2 for 1 package.
  7. Buy Low - Sell High 2017

    Depends on what they are offering. I have Ingram and I am holding, because I do not feel i will be offered what he is worth.
  8. Alex Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Yes you are right. Looking at it that way, yea there shouldn't be a reason to not start him. The Texans also lost out on two high caliber pass rushers and lost players throughout the game. Call it a gut feeling, but I see more of a fringe/ lower end QB1 this week. I am not saying to not start him. I do however see him not putting up a monster stat line this week.
  9. Alex Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Smith has been on fire this week. I am proceeding with caution this week though. The Steelers, even though they have faced an easy schedule, have let up very little QB points. I feel like the Steelers surprise this week and come out angry. I will be sitting Smith this week for Kirk Cousins. It is close, but I don't see him putting up a big game this week. I see something like 240 yards, 1 TD and maybe 20 yards rushing.
  10. 2017 Completed Trades Thread

    Just traded McKinnon and Demaryius for Dez in a standard league.
  11. Buy Low - Sell High 2017

    Yes. I just sold high on McKinnon yesterday. I feel very good about the move. He could turn into a decent flex, low end RB2, but that is a big IF.
  12. Austin Seferian-Jenkins 2017 Season Outlook

    Haha good point. After the top 3 or so guys, it is basically all matchups.
  13. Austin Seferian-Jenkins 2017 Season Outlook

    How confident are people in playkng him this week. We couldn't ask for a better matchup, i just don't know how i feel about starting him. Has anyone seen him play? Having a hard time deciding between heand Martellus this week, is anyone else in the same situation?
  14. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    Ok, so here are WRs that were drafted around Cooks. Which would you rather have? Pts are by week in standard scoring (my personal scoring settings with 100+ bonus of 2 pts) Some of these players have a low variance because they frankly just haven't had a good game to boost their numbers. Cooks really only had 2 games where he let us down. So then 2 weeks of giving us a decent showing, then one game where he damn near won us our games. He is getting targets from a potent offense and QB. People just need to take it easy and realize that the WR position this year is pretty beat up right now. Especially in the first couple weeks where random players can have big games to skew how the numbers look. One thing that did grab my attention last night was the dropped pass right in front of Brady on a crossing route. Tony Romo made an interested statement in his commentary. He said about how this is something that makes it tough for Cooks to run close routes within the numbers. Potentially alluding to the fact that he doesn't have the reaction time as the other slot receivers that Brady uses. This isn't something I had paid attention to before, but I will keep my eye on moving forward. Player 1: 7.4/6.7/19.1/12.3 Player 2: 4.3/11.9/7.2/9.8 Player 3: 6/4.4/18.5/5.5 Player 4: 3.7/4.9/28.3/3 Player 5: 8.8/4.3/31.1/3.8/8.5 Player 6: 12.2/3.3/0.6/0.9 Player 7: 11.5/7.3/7.6/18.7 Player 8: 6.6/3.1/1.9/15 Player 9: 6.7/7.1/9.8/1.8 Player 10: 5.8/3/24.6/1.7 Player 11:5.8/15.2/5.6/8.9
  15. DeVante Parker 2017 Outlook

    Yes. I have been really paying attention when watching his games. He is going out there and attacking the ball. He looks very focused out there and is overpowering corners. Keep in mind that Cutler came to the team just a few weeks before the season. They will get their timing down and be even better than they are now. He has a very safe floor, and like other people have been saying... wait till his blow up games.