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  1. Moves that made or broke you this year?

    Juan Soto
  2. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    WTF lol this guy is bananas!!
  3. Carlos Correa 2018 Outlook

    Anyone been watching Astros games? Does he look hurt/stiff? Or is the timing just off?
  4. Jonathan Villar 2018 Outlook

    This is how you win championships
  5. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    forgot to post this yesterday my body is ready 🙌 take us to the promise land Ohtani clone
  6. Carlos Correa 2018 Outlook

    Man, this guy started this season off so well too
  7. Moves that made or broke you this year?

    Traded my Ozzie Albies for his Goldschmidt at pretty much the perfect peak value and low value Goldie has gone insane lol
  8. Justin Turner 2018 Outlook

    Last 30 days: 40/101 / 22 R / 6 HR / 19 RBI / .396 AVG / 1.192 OPS lol so good
  9. Christian Yelich 2018 Outlook

    i hope benintendi is taking notes love these types of players <3 everyone getting rewarded with his play
  10. Gary Sanchez 2018 Outlook

    15 HR september incoming?
  11. Andrew Benintendi 2018 Outlook

    hot streak when?
  12. Matt Carpenter 2018 Outlook

    looks like fire off the bat
  13. Dee Gordon 2018 Outlook

    I'm done w this guy. pathetic.
  14. Dee Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Big bust Really considering outright dropping
  15. Marcell Ozuna 2018 Outlook

    didn't this happen 2 years ago he went crazy towards the end of the year and won a lot of people their league or maybe i'm just wishing