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  1. Knox for next week seems like a great bet. They got the Dolphins. Then you go from there.
  2. I think you have to go with Tyreek if he's playing. Lindsay in a tough matchup, but he should get an opportunity down near the goaline, but hard to sit either WR. And Golladay. GL.
  3. Love it. Take it. Evans is no longer the man. Godwin is. And when Bucs suck, they really suck. Brown just as good. And you get best player. Kelce
  4. Another week of guessing which one will have the least crappy game. Already seems like I may have picked wrong with this C Samuel in the London game. Pick a WR and a flex. Half ppr. Diggs vs Eagles ~ banged up secondary. Waiting any day for him to go off? Cook will have trouble so they'll have to throw. On the other hand, Theilen the man who gets receptions there and Vikings just love the run. MVS vs Lions ~ No Adams so he's the defacto #1. Primetime Monday night game. On the other hand, last game when no Adams, Pack decided to run and MVS didn't getting looks. MVS slightly banged he sure thing to go? Mixon~ Is just the only RB in cincy worth owning so that's something. Is he due for a TD? Tough match up against Ravens and Bengals O line sucks.
  5. I like Dissly & Breida. White might be game script screwed. Giants will be behind & Michel will get more snaps & carries.
  6. I like the CMC deal the best. Not sure the guy will accept. After that, I do not like #2 at all. Keep Carson & OBJ over Monty + Thomas. Thomas is better, but not worth it. OBJ will improve. Even though browns suck right now. So #3 & 4 are fine but stay put with OBJ if possible. I like your team.
  7. Big on Kyler right now!!!! I'd roll the dice on him with that matchup. Looks like Cards have unleashed him. I'd rather take a chance on him over Rivers than Minshew over Rivers.
  8. Well, I guess this is close. Depends on your situation. If you need receptions and points now, sure...why not. Otherwise, i'd rather hold.
  9. Johnson no doubt. MVS has more upside and Rodgers throwing the ball. He'll have big games. Just going to be hard to predict when.
  10. I want Diggs to be better ROS, but not sure. Probably a toss up. Diggs if he gets the looks. But Brown if this continues. Easy for RB...Monty for sure. He's got the job, he's young, he'll get the work and can handle the work. Dissly all the way.
  11. Take that trade! Don't look back. Love Carson (Biased) more than Jones. Jones won't get that work every week. Carson on the other hand, seems to be the bell cow on a run first team.
  12. I say stay put. Ingram not worth it enough. Although he's an upgrade to Michel, only ever so slightly. Ingram will regress and plays for a worse team. If you have to give up Michel and Godwin, Golladay, or Chark....i'm more against it. If you can do Michel & Juju for Ingram and WR in return such as Lockett...then try that. Otherwise stay put.