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  1. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Hosmer's GG awards are more an indictment on 1B in the AL. Pretty much every season of his career he has had a negative DEF, negative dWAR, and has never surpassed 3 DRS at first. I don't think he sniffs GG in the NL. I mean, I'd still buck the metrics and rank him ahead of Martinez. Martinez is next level terrible at first imo.
  2. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Random thought that popped into my head. Jose Martinez is the tall lanky kid from high school that never quite grew into his body.
  3. Josh Hader 2018 Outlook

    [Non-fantasy-relevant commentary removed] For fantasy purposes, I think Hader will continue to have the great season he's been having. I get off the field stuff can be distracting, but Jesus is the second teammate to publicly support him, the other being Cain. He's been one of the most effective relief pitchers this year. Maybe it throws him off for a week or so, but I suspect he'll largely stay on track.
  4. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Errors isn't a great stat on it's own, but 7 errors in 594 chances is bad for a 1B. For context, he's tied with Santana and Abreu for the most errors among 1B and has the worst fielding percentage among qualified 1B. But it goes beyond that. How many times have you seen a guy make a bad play that wasn't recorded as an error? That's what happens with Jose. A lot. His defensive metrics across the board are horrid, and in the Cardinals games I have seen, it always looks like Jose doesn't know what he's doing defensively. He honestly might be as bad at first as Simba is great at short.
  5. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Note the bias, but the Phillies do have a very good chance of signing him next year and are on the rise. Yes, they're better than the sum of their parts right now, but Manny can change that. Regardless of what happens this year, Manny is testing free agency. He could miss out on the best possible contract if he doesn't, and everything I've heard indicates he wants to test free agency. That's not to say he won't eventually resign with whatever team trades for him, but he absolutely is testing free agency. To think otherwise is naive.
  6. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    He's a three outcome guy like Dunn, but the third outcome isn't K's, it's hitting the ball straight to the fielder because he can't figure out the shift.
  7. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    I don't even know what to think of him anymore. I've heard talk that the shift has really gotten to him, which could help explain his .222 BABIP, seventh lowest among qualified hitters. I mean, he was racking up counting stats, still has power, and can still take a walk, but even those things have fallen off. I don't own him anywhere, but I can say from when he played the Phillies recently that he just looked lost. He's clearly talented and is capable putting up gaudy numbers, but he's starting to look like the reverse of the Giants the first half of the decade, except in his case it's every odd year.
  8. Nolan Arenado 2018 Outlook

    I think he will. He's proven to be too good over the years not to, and outside of counting stats has been the guy we though he was all season. To put into perspective what he's done the past week or so, he's now one of five guys in the Majors with at least 50 runs and 50 RBI. The others are JD, Judge, JoRam, and Benintendi. Others who are close (my arbitrary definition of close is within five of one or both stats) are Freeman (needs two more runs), Trout (needs two more RBI), Correa (needs five more runs and three more RBI), and Rosario (needs four more RBI). He'll still have stretches where he doesn't drive a whole lot of guys in or score a lot of runs. Everyone will as those stats are inherently fluky. But over the course of the whole season, I see no reason to worry.
  9. Nolan Arenado 2018 Outlook

    Didn't mean to come across as defensive. I just don't think he was ever really worth complaining about. One of the leagues I have him in uses avg, obp, and slg. He's been above or right around his career high marks in all of them all season long. His peripheral stats were also right about what you'd expect, and he's been hitting well with runners in scoring position all season, it's just the Rockies weren't exactly helping him out. RBI and runs are fluky stats. Even great players have stretches where they can't seem to rack them up. And considering he's a guy who typically gets better as the season goes along, I wasn't wasting any worries on my 3B production where I own him.
  10. Nolan Arenado 2018 Outlook

    I mean he's been pacing for career highs in average/OBP/SLG/OPS for a while now. The counting stats admittedly haven't been on pace, but after this string of games he's 15th in runs and 6th in RBI. He was never really worth worrying about. How do you react to the guys that are REALLY underwhelming?
  11. Jack Flaherty 2018 Outlook

    Hopefully tonight's game against San Diego can get him back on track. Love the pedigree, but has been underwhelming the past couple starts.
  12. Joc Pederson 2018 Outlook

    At the very least, I think it's worth riding the wave. I mean, given his history it's more likely than not that he eventually cools off but he's great to own when he actually decides to show why he was considered a top prospect once upon a time.
  13. Jackie Bradley Jr. 2018 Outlook

    Honestly at this point I think it's just defense. But even that can only take him so far. As good as he is with the glove it's getting to where he hurts more at the plate than he helps in the field.
  14. Nolan Arenado 2018 Outlook

    I get it's annoying when first rounders aren't as great as expected. But it hasn't been entirely on him. The Rockies are 22nd in runs scored with 196. Their offense is usually much more potent, and I think they have too much talent/play in too great of a hitter's park to stay this futile. Nolan himself has been fine. His slugging is a few notches below his norm, but if his average and OBP hold, they'd be career highs. His average with RISP right now is .405. Now, that's a small sample, but even if it comes down as the season goes on and he gets more opportunities, his career number is .339 (good for sixth in baseball in the time frame of his career). Maybe this is the year he finally fails to reach 130. But he's playing well overall, and counting stats can be fluky. All he needs are a couple of hot streaks, and sudden;y he's back on pace for 110-115 RBI. I think it's far more likely than not that he gets there. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. There are a hell of a lot of players worth worrying about. Arenado is decidedly not one of them.
  15. May Closer Thread 2018

    It's a CBC right now, but I have a hard time envisioning a scenario where Sir Anthony doesn't outright take the closer role at some point.