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  1. Dude, tao's right. You're projecting Segura to perform under his floor the past three seasons. You projected a .285 average. He's hit at least .300 each of the past three seasons. You projected 84 runs when he'll be near the top of a batting order that frankly is much better than any he's had in Seattle. And while he's not a power guy, the last time he played in a good hitter's park was 2016 in Arizona, where he hit 20. I'm not saying he hits 20 in Philly, but 10 still seems too conservative. Point is, he'd have to play below his floor to put up the same numbers as Perazar or Andrus (Profar is on the rise I think, so he could be better than some expect). Segura is the best SS once the usual suspects are off the board, and he should be drafted as such.
  2. Agreed, not worth drafting. I do think 'mediocre at best' is a bit strong, but with the way his GB rate fell off last year I wouldn't feel comfortable drafting him even if he were on a team. But if he does sign and return to his normal GB rates he will be decidedly better than mediocre, but that's just not something I want to bet on.
  3. He's obviously not prime Miggy anymore, but he can still have value so long as he's healthy. Looking at his peripherals one thing that hasn't gone down is his hard hit rate. Now, half of his contact last year was in the form of ground balls, but that may have been due to injury; if healthy he can get back to his normal fly ball rates. That coupled with a 40 something hard hit rate should see him hit 20 to 25 home runs. Again, this is all predicated on his health, but he can have a solid season. He's not prime Miggy anymore but he still has talent.
  4. I think we've seen what he is, and I think he'll be about as good this year as he was last year. He's fully cemented himself as one of the top pitchers in the MLB.
  5. I think getting away from the Marlins' home stadium will help him out, but I'd still be hesitant to take him that early. He's probably still on the very low end of the top 50 or 60, and I tend to go best available regardless of position in the early rounds. He's ranked 81 right now on fantasypros, and even with the inevitable bump that'll be coming I don't know if I can justify picking him in the second or third round when guys like Benintendi, Soto, Nola, Correa, and Rendon among others will likely end up as late second to early fourth round picks, depending on league size. JT will have a very good to great season, but there's just too much talent ahead of him for me to justify that early of a draft pick.
  6. Eh, it's two starts. I don't think it's wise to go with a sky is falling reaction based on everything else we've seen out of him this season.
  7. It was going to eventually I think. His season is turning into a tale of two halves, where he languished on a .226 first half BABIP and is surging to the tune of a .453 second half BABIP. Both of those numbers are unsustainable over long periods of time, but for now he's more than making up for the batted balls sent straight into the fielders' gloves earlier this year. I think his end of year numbers will have us questioning why we questioned him in the first place.
  8. That last one's on you. Why would you roster Ken Giles? That's like punching yourself in the face.
  9. It would be but at this point he's a dynasty league stock. In redrafts he'll go into next season as a post hype sleeper.
  10. I got him cheap in a trade back in May, pretty much as a throw in. Always been a big believer in his raw stuff and was willing to wait him out.
  11. Tbf the Rays are out of contention this year. Might as well give him reps against big league competition.
  12. Not everyone has to be a strikeout guy to be effective. He's still developing, but I think the Buerhle comp is apt. He induces ground balls at a nice rate, 46.0%. He hits his spots, walking only 6.0% of batters so far. He also has a very good change-up. I'm not claiming he'll become a top line guy. It's too early to say one way or another there. But he can be useful despite his low K totals. At the very least, he can help anchor your ratios. He's not a guy I'd sleep on.
  13. Eight innings and no earned runs against a solid Seattle team. Thinking he could be legit.
  14. I have to agree with murray. He's not playing OF. Can't even play first properly; would be a sight to behold in the outfield.