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  1. 84% chance to win down 23 with Cam and Michael Thomas left.. down to 51.. this is absolutely F'in awful
  2. Cam Newton 2018 Outlook

    what a POS.. I needed 23 points from Cam and Michael Thomas to get to the finals.. I have 4.. are you F'in kidding me. He's garbage.
  3. thank god I got Mahomes b/c Hill aint doin jack squat
  4. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    per Steelers NFL Network Reporter: With RB James Conner still not practicing, #Steelers OC Randy Fichtner joked about taking head trainer John Norwig pizza, lunch, whatever he wants. More seriously, Fichtner said he does not believe Conner needs to practice to play Sunday vs the #Patriots: "He's played a LOT."
  5. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    for all you know he just came outta the shower or had a checkup with the team doctor
  6. Elijah McGuire 2018 Outlook

    ive never seen this guy play.. does he have any comparisons skillset wise in the NFL? good hands? quick?
  7. Elijah McGuire 2018 Outlook

    I'm debating McGuire or Tyler Boyd in my slot. I like the bulk McGuire will get.. I like the matchup Boyd has.
  8. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    way too early to read into this... lets see if he practices Friday. I think they're all holding out hope he feels good to practice by Friday and won't comment until then. They just truly dont know at this point. And Tomlin said "preparation" will be key to him playing as well.. so he'll need to practice. This really means nothing either way.
  9. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    in case anyone needed the confirmation.. Schefter reported Hill is playing.. lets roll cheetah!
  10. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    Having Hill and Mahomes.. if we can get by this week and onto the finals.. with the Chiefs having nearly a week and a half of rest.. bring it on!
  11. Tyler Boyd 2018 Outlook

    id prob go Boyd.. he should be a guaranteed 6-7 catches for 80 yards with a real possibility its more than that with TD facing the raiders. I can see the Rams going ape $hit on the eagles to make them play catch up with Foles and Adams getting phased out.. again. I just think their floors are the same but Boyds ceiling is higher being the #1 WR in a matchup of awful defenses.
  12. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    going against him.. so i'm ok with that! ha. i didnt realize that.
  13. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    Where is this hamstring injury coming from.. I thought he hurt his shoulder?
  14. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Outlook

    they'll play week 16. Its primetime.. they can sit week 17 and the bye week.. thats 2 weeks off.. you dont want more than that. and let's be real.. Reid has a $hitty track record of getting bounced early. He'll want his team on all cylinders going into the playoffs. i think at worst, he yanks the starters in the 4th if the game is out of hand. seeing as how it's in Seattle.. I dont see that either.
  15. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    i hope so.. the last thing we need is for our studs that we can't bench to be hampered by storms and wind.