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  1. Rockies manager Bud Black said Thursday that surgery on first baseman Ian Desmond's broken left hand was successful, and he could fully recover as early as mid April (Thomas Harding on Twitter) Fantasy Impact With the first game of the 2017 MLB season slated for April 3rd, this injury may only cost Desmond a couple weeks of playing time. Knowing this, you should draft Desmond at, or near, where you were originally planning to.
  2. Keuchel threw four scoreless innings Friday against the Braves in his second spring start, Jodie Wagner of the Houston Chronicle reports. "It was a continuation from my last start out, and the stamina was there. I probably could have thrown another inning or two, so that's a good sign," said the left-hander. Keuchel, who pitched three scoreless innings in his Grapefruit League debut against the Nationals last Sunday, allowed three measly singles and didn't walk a batter while striking out two. He got up to 42 pitches, 29 for strikes, and said his fastball command wasn't where he wanted, but it was a positive sign for the hurler who missed the final five weeks of the 2016 season due to shoulder inflammation. He'll make two more spring starts with the goal of hitting six or seven innings in his final one. Positive signs so far. Hopefully he can be somewhere between his 2015 and 2016 seasons this year.
  3. Having a great spring so far. 9 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 13 K, 1 BB According to Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic, Walker was sitting in the mid-90s with his fastball in his last outing, reaching as high as 97 mph. Walker underwent arthroscopic surgery on his ankle last October but has not shown any ill effects in camp. He struggled in his final year with Seattle, but if he keeps this up, Walker's stock will soar over the remainder of draft season.
  4. Just traded Carlos Gomez and Carter Capps to get him
  5. See I really dont think I need to get elite closers for them. Maybe just one more closer and then some hitting. 4 legit closers will usually wrap up the saves category. Then you can always find those ratio monsters on the wire because our league doesn't do holds.
  6. I've never punted a category before, but this strategy has me thinking. My league is a 12-team, 6x6 (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS)(QS, K, ERA, Saves, WHIP, K/BB). My SP are a little above average but not by much. An average pitching staff would earn 39 points in a 12-team 6x6 roto. The pitching slots available are 2 SP, 2 RP, 3 P (so I can have 5 RP playing at all times). My current pitching staff is projected to get me 40. So I was thinking of completely punting QS and K's by trading my 2 best (Strasburg and Cueto) for 2 good closers. I already have 3 good closers (Britton, Kimbrel, Allen). With those guys, I would easily win ERA, WHIP, Saves, and K/BB (12 points each) and get last in QS and K's (1 point each). That would give me a 50-point total for pitching, which would be a +10 over what I have now. Unless somebody else does this same strategy (which won't happen), It's pretty much impossible for me to not win those 4 categories rather easily. Now this wouldn't work unless I had a dominant offense. My current offense is projected to score 65 total points out of the 72 possible, so it's very good. I have guys like Arenado, Bryant, Marte, Rizzo, Cruz, Dozier, Diaz, Pujols, Dyson, and Contreras. I'm projected to be in the top 3 of all 6 categories. I would be able to improve my offense a little more trading off the rest of my SP. So I would assume a 3-4 point increase. So that would bring my total points to 118-19. That's going to win most leagues and at worst be 2nd. I know punting categories is a volatile strategy, but the only downside I see here is if some of my RP get hurt. But I could just pick up their replacements for saves, or some of the RP with great ratios that are always on the wire. I'm 95% not gonna do this, but it sounded interesting. Thoughts?
  7. I have the Cruz side. I didn't love it, but I needed some HR's. It also took my projection from 98 points to 110. The guy I traded with is usually 1/2 with me at the end of the year, and his projection went from 82 to 77. I know projections aren't everything but I'm a numbers guy and decided to go with it. Might not work out but that was the reason I went for it. According to ESPN Projections my team with this trade was: +37 HR +25 RBI +2 R +.0005 OPS -15 SB -.025 AVG After this trade I'm 1st in HR & SB, 2nd in AVG & RBI, and 3rd in OPS & R
  8. 6x6 (OPS, K/BB, QS instead of W) We keep 6 but all of these guys will be thrown in the draft next year except for Piscotty ($18) and Crawford ($2). Neither will be kept I assume. Carlos Correa, Stephen Piscotty, D.J. LeMahieu for Nelson Cruz, Brian Dozier, Brandon Crawford
  9. 6x6 (OPS, K/BB, QS instead of wins) It's a keeper league but all these guys have to be thrown back into the draft next year so treat this as a redraft trade. Correa/Piscotty OR Cruz/Dozier
  10. If this guy leads off all year and isn't in a platoon, does he exceed 60 SB? Last year he hit .278 over 299 AB with 30 SB. I think he has a legit shot.
  11. Yea I wish I could have too but there were a lot of top starting pitchers who were kept. Strasburg was the #4 guy available. That's why I tried to make sure I got some good RP
  12. You can keep 5 players for 3 years and 1 rookie for 5 years before they have to get thrown back into the draft.
  13. 12-team, 6x6 (OPS, K/BB, and QS instead of W), 6 keepers at auction value C: Willson Contreras ($11) 1B: Anthony Rizzo (K) ($9) 2B: DJ LeMahieu ($21) SS: Carlos Correa (K) ($1) 3B: Nolan Arenado (K) ($3) MI: Aledmys Diaz ($9) CI: Albert Pujols ($10) OF: Kris Bryant (K) ($1) OF: Starling Marte (K) ($16) OF: Stephen Piscotty ($18) OF: Melky Cabrera ($8) OF: Jacoby Ellsbury ($5) UT: Josh Harrison ($6) BN: David Peralta ($2) BN: Josh Reddick ($1) BN: Ryon Healy ($2) SP: Johnny Cueto (K) ($1) SP: Stephen Strasburg ($35) SP: Felix Hernandez ($16) SP: Dallas Keuchel ($16) SP: Adam Wainwright ($6) SP: Matt Shoemaker ($3) RP: Zach Britton ($27) RP: Craig Kimbrel ($17) RP: Cody Allen ($15) RP: Carter Capps ($1) The beginning of this draft was insane with Trout/Goldy going for $70+, Miggy/Donaldson going for $50+, and Kershaw going for 60+. People were overbidding everything for the first part of the draft. This wasn't nearly as good as I was hoping for with the keepers values I had. Goal was to get Kershaw and go from there, but when he went for that much I couldn't do it. Ended up overpaying for pretty much all my pitching because there wasn't much in the draft and it was flying off the board. Pretty disappointed with it. Talk me off the ledge?
  14. I should have included this in my original post, but HR shouldn't be a problem. I'm also keeping Arenado, Bryant, and RIzzo.