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  1. Stephen Strasburg 2017 Outlook

    Only took 2/3 of an inning for him to not qualify for a quality start. Cool.
  2. Addison Russell 2017 Season Outlook

    Last 8 games: (12/30) .400 AVG, 6 R, 4 HR, 9 RBI
  3. Andrew Miller 2017 Outlook

    Thanks buddy
  4. David Price 2017 Outlook

    What a walk machine...
  5. Carlos Gonzalez 2017 Outlook

    He needs a big game tonight to boost his confidence. Cole has given up 39 hits and 23 runs in his last 4 starts (only 19.1 IP). If he can't tee off on Cole it's a bad sign!
  6. Yoenis Cespedes 2017 Outlook

    Out today? What the hell was the point of bringing him back to play in 1 game then sit out 2?
  7. Vent & Rant Thread 2017

    Actually, it's not a free league. It's a keeper league that we play for money. Kept Arenado and Bryant, and traded for Goldy and Altuve from teams who are out of it and are building for next year. We keep at auction value for 3 years before they have to be thrown back into the draft. Goldy was drafted for $65 this year so he won't be kept, and Altuve has to be thrown back into the draft next year.
  8. Vent & Rant Thread 2017

    My stacked offense has been very average this year, and very below average for what they look like on paper. In a 12-team roto league with 6 offensive categories, I'm not close to where I should be. I haven't had all these guys the whole year, but most of them, most of the year. Starting offense: Lucroy, Goldy, Altuve, Russell, Arenado, Miggy, Cano, Bryant, Desmond, Cargo, Altherr, Cain, Heyward (with Cespedes on the DL). My ranks out of 12 teams so far: Runs: 3rd HR: 5th RBI: 5th SB: 2nd AVG: 9th OPS: 7th I know it will get better but it's been frustrating so far! Ugh!
  9. Carlos Gonzalez 2017 Outlook

    Buckle up!!
  10. Carlos Gonzalez 2017 Outlook

    Last 10 games: 15/42, .357 AVG, 9 R, HR, 6 RBI Starting to heat up! The power will come next!
  11. Robinson Cano 2017 Outlook

    Will be ready to go when eligible to return on Tuesday. Still not sure why it was retroactive to 5/13, if his last game was on 5/10
  12. Johnny Cueto 2017 Season Outlook

    Was that 3rd run really earned? Utley reached on an error and there were 2 outs when he scored. The requirements for unearned runs confuse the hell out of me sometimes haha
  13. Stephen Strasburg 2017 Outlook

    Why are both of those last 2 runs earned? It says they scored on an error
  14. 5/16 GDT

    Those 2 runs to Stras should be unearned right? ESPN says they both scored on an error
  15. Robinson Cano 2017 Outlook

    Why is it retroactive to 5/13? He hasn't played since 5/10.