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  1. Ware’s going to be the primary back moving forward whether they sign another RB or not.
  2. Who are you playing over him?? You must have a damn nice receiver crew and/or don’t need to play three receivers.
  3. Philadelphia made it a point for Odell not to kill them just as they did with Michael Thomas of the Saints (That’s why Trequan had 14 targets or whatever crazy amount it was). It doesn’t matter if these guys are “scrubs”, they’re still professional athletes and when a defensive scheme is designed to specifically take one player out of the game, its normally successful. Did they completely stop him? No. But they weren’t going to let him explode for two touchdowns. They were gonna make Eli beat them with others, which he almost did.
  4. In fact, to piggy back off what I said above. James Conners 4.1 YPC today was the highest a rusher has had against the Denver defense since Todd Gurley in Week 6. Pittsburgh threw the ball a lot because that is how you have to attack that Denver defense. Ben threw for over 450 yards. And one touchdown. How often does that happen?
  5. This simply is not true and is a misconception with many. Denver actually has a very good run defense but since they were gashed twice early in the season (Rams and Jets) people seem to believe they’re not good at stopping the run. Look at teams rushing totals against them since week 7, they’re very strong against the run. Conner looked fine to be honest. Was running as hard and taking on contact the same as he has been all season. Guarantee he has a solid game next week against San Diego.
  6. This post made me laugh. Dude claims “take a look at the quality of his targets” and then immediately follows it with “I only watched the first game”. So how the hell would you know what the quality of his red zone targets have been?
  7. Well I’m gonna be the moron if he can’t get back on the field. Hopefully they’re being cautious and know they can win today without him. It was a good sign he got limited practices in this week but this still sucks.
  8. Fournette is expected to practice today. Can’t wait till he shuts some of these morons up. RB3 for the rest of the season? Teams better without him (based off a small sample size, where oh by the way, no one has actually dug into those games to see who they were playing and how the game script went)? Please...
  9. Rosen’s a rookie, the chances DJ still struggles with Rosen at QB are still too high. And a change at quarterback isn’t going to change the horrendous play calling or the joke of an offensive line this team is trotting out. I already traded him out in one league and am trying to do so in the other I own him. If you can manage to get second round value for him, I’d take it. This line isn’t getting better. It’s like the bengals last year and the rams in 2016. Running backs in fantasy, 95% the time, are all about the line they’re running behind and the system. Steelers running backs have proven this, Todd Gurley has proven this, Joe Mixon this season is proving it. The line and system far outweigh the talent of the RB.
  10. Seeing as he was a top 5 pick in nearly all drafts, no I don’t believe he is joking. There’s a greater probability he busts at that pick than even returning first round value. This cardinals line is TRASH. 2016 Gurley. I just traded him away and honestly am shocked I was able to do so. This is is a situation where you’re gonna want to get out before it’s too late.
  11. Sam Bradford is trash. How the hell does this guy continue to get contracts. The play calling is atrocious as well, looks like Jeff Fischer is calling the plays. I’m selling David Johnson. If I can get someone like Fournette for him I wouldn’t hesitate a second to make that deal.
  12. He’ll play. I’m fairly certain one of the requirements of the concussion protocol is a player can’t fly unless they’re confident the player has healed sufficiently from the concussion.
  13. All comes down to usage cause there’s no doubting this guys talent. If you watched Thursday’s game you could clearly see the ability this dude has on two of those catches where he was breaking tackles and making defenders miss. I hope the ravens realize this and allow him to be in the game more often while they’re forced to throw. I agree buck allen isn’t going away but it’s clear as day to me that Collins is a much more gifted runner and honestly I think he’s an underrated receiver. All comes down to usage but any thoughts about him being a special running back talent should be put to rest.